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The other side of FRP wallboard that no one talks about – know why PVC is better

FRP panels are excellent wall cladding – that’s what you are made to believe. The FRP wallboard has indeed been a saving grace for many, but there are serious drawbacks that no one talks about. Even the most high-quality FRP wall panel has limitations and doesn’t last for as long as you might want. Recently, people are switching from FRP panels and investing in more durable and permanent wall paneling like vinyl or more commonly known as PVC (polyvinyl chloride). Here are a few things about FRP panels that you might need to know before investing.


Time-consuming and expensive FRP installation


Did you know you have to install FRP panels with additional material and employ skilled laborers for the job? FRP wallboard might be a cheap buy, but if you consider the expenses of installing the panels, you will realize it’s not a cost-effective choice. First, FRP panels need mounted rivets, adhesives, and wooden backers to get perfectly installed and cover the walls and ceilings. The additional materials don’t come in complimentary packages, but you must purchase them separately. You would also need two skilled laborers to install the FRP panels, and that too isn’t going to come cheap. Lastly, FRP panels require two days for the installation to be perfectly completed and accomplished. All these take up too much time, and the expenses shoot up. An affordable choice would be PVC panels that are a one-time investment.


Install PVC – The better choice


PVC panels do not require additional backers and arrive in DIY kits with a user-friendly installation guide. PVC panels get installed in 7 hours and are a one-person job – completely hassle-free and easy. Install PVC panels with studs and hidden fasteners for a seamless and perfect fit. Duramax PVC wall and ceiling panels are ideal for commercial units like dairy farms, grow rooms, meat processing units, restaurants, kitchens, breweries, shelters, Laundromats, and many more.


FRP panels require heavy-duty maintenance


Your FRP wall panel rot easily, delaminate and peel off after a few years. The panels are susceptible to callbacks and need repeated repair work. The FRP board might also need to get replaced after a few years. PVC panels get damp due to the moisture-absorbing wooden backers and are prone to damage because of mold and mildew growth. In fact, maintaining the FRP panels becomes a big hassle. The panels are sensitive to harsh chemicals and therefore, you cannot use abrasive cleaning agents like bleaches.

FRP panels have a rough surface and stain easily. To clean the wall panels, one must use a soft bristle brush and organic detergents to get rid of the staining, dirt and debris slowly and mildly. The heavy-duty maintenance of the FRP panels becomes a big hassle and also requires your valuable time and money. A better alternative would be to get PVC panels instead.


Install PVC – Simple maintenance


If you get PVC panels, you will have long-lasting wall panels that can last for 45 years or even longer with absolutely no repairing, refinishing, and replacing. The PVC panels made from 100% virgin vinyl are resistant to moisture and chemicals. The vinyl panels don’t rot, peel off or delaminate at all. The impact-resistant vinyl panels have a smooth surface that can be cleaned with a damp mop and detergents. You can also bleach the vinyl panels to maintain the white, bright, and pristine look. In addition, the high-quality Duramax panels don’t have crevices for harboring hidden bacteria and can offer optimal hygienic conditions inside the commercial interiors.


FRP panels are not as affordable as you believe


Businesses prefer investing in FRP panels thinking that they are making a cost-effective choice. However, if you consider the heavy-duty maintenance, repair works, and installation process, the cost of FRP panels shoots up. On the other hand, PVC panels are more affordable because they are more durable and have the longest lifespan compared to other wall paneling options. In addition, PVC panels are super easy to maintain, and the installation process is completely hassle-free. Finally, PVC panels are a single-time investment, which won’t disappoint you.


Wrapping up


Don’t fall for the promises made by FRP suppliers. Choose the better option and pay slightly more to reap the benefits of installing vinyl panels. Duramax provides custom-made PVC panels at factory-direct prices. The panels are shipped in two weeks to reach your location. Request a quote now.