The Ultimate Guide to Buying a Good Pair of Earbuds

The Ultimate Guide to Buying a Good Pair of Earbuds

What to consider when buying earbuds

Section 2: The differences between Beats Solo3 wireless earbuds, Powerbeats3, Apple AirPods, and Bose QuietControl 30

Section 3: What to consider when buying earbuds

Which Earbuds Fit Best Into Your Sound Set?

How Do I Fit Earbuds With a Neck Strap Into My Ear?

I am a hard-of-hearing user, and all I really want is a pair of Bluetooth earbuds. Do you have any suggestions? I have tried all kinds of different earbuds, and nothing seems to work. I have tried all kinds of different earbuds, and nothing seems to work. This post link is here


With technology moving so quickly in this world, it’s easy to be too eager to jump on the latest bandwagon when you’re at the store, with headphones. There are now so many different kinds of earbuds on the market that you have no idea which ones are worth buying.

To help make your shopping experience a bit easier, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best earbuds on the market.

Polarised Bluetooth earbuds

Polarised Bluetooth earbuds are a smart alternative to a standard pair of headphones. Thanks to the special technology, you can keep the lights on and enjoy your favourite tunes, all while maintaining excellent sound quality. Polarised Bluetooth earbuds also come with extra accessories such as earbuds, cases, and chargers.


Been there, done that

Do you ever ask yourself: “Should I buy a better pair of headphones or just use the ones I have, like a pair of generic headphones?”

Some will argue that the best earbuds are cheap and disposable, and that’s certainly true of some of the cheaper models out there.

But don’t forget that good earbuds, even the kind you can get for cheap, are worth the investment. They’re the ones you can go years and years without even thinking about replacing, and they are among your most treasured possessions.

Now, let’s talk about the durability question. Is the investment worth it?

A Good Pair of Earbuds Need to Be Durable

If you want a pair of earbuds that you’ll still be wearing five years from now, a few extra bucks (and a little additional effort) are definitely worth it.

What are the different types of earbuds?

Are there any good deals on earbuds?

Should you upgrade from your headphones to earbuds?

Are there any other options for the type of earbuds that you want to buy?

The Wrong Way to Wear Earbuds

What are the different types of earbuds?

What Are Best Earbuds for Watching Music Videos?

Are there any other options for the type of earbuds that you want to buy?

The Wrong Way to Wear Earbuds

Why Do Some Earbuds Slip Out?

The Wrong Way to Wear Earbuds

Earbuds Placement

What are the different types of earbuds?

Types of Earbuds

These are the type of earbuds that are recommended by the experts for everyone to buy.

What are the different types of earbuds? Earbuds come in various forms and they all serve a different purpose.

How to buy the right type of earbuds for you

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When you break down the earbud category of headphones, it’s basically three things: the input source (either audio or voice), the size of the hole where you put it in your ear, and the type of earbud you have (in this case, there’s the true wireless earbud category, and there’s the over-ear and on-ear headphone categories).

It’s tempting to pick up any pair of headphones and say that they’re good because you paid the lowest price, but you’ll want to look into the details to figure out if a good pair of headphones is for you.

Which Earbud Type is Right for You?

Shure SE215 Sennheiser Momentum Earbuds

Which Earbud Type is Right for You?

Shure SE215 Sennheiser Momentum Earbuds

Price: $149.95

If you’re seeking quality sound for your music collection, you’re looking for quality sound from Sennheiser. From the moment I received the SE215’s for review I knew I was getting a well designed pair of earbuds. The premium look and feel certainly helped with that, and the superb sound quality didn’t hurt either.

These earbuds are rated very high for sound quality, and for very good reason. The tuning and virtualization algorithms, along with the crisp, clean audio reproduction make these one of the best, and one of the priciest, earbuds you can find.


Drivers – Two dynamic drivers with a bass boost circuit and a soundstage separation circuit.

Noise Cancelling Earbuds

Shopping for earbuds is a confusing experience, and when it comes to finding the best-sounding pair out there, things only get more convoluted. With all of the major manufacturers out there—Apple, Bose, Sony, JBL, Beats, and Beats by Dre—there’s a wide range of sizes and different combinations of features and sound quality. Of course, you could just buy a bunch of different pairs and let the market sort them out for you, but that seems a little daunting.

Fortunately, we can help! We’ve talked to dozens of independent reviewers who’ve tested hundreds of different earbuds, both wired and wireless, and narrowed the list down to the 10 best earbuds you can buy.

Before we move on to the list, there’s a quick word on what earbuds are.

Wireless Earbuds

One of the greatest inventions of the last decade is the concept of wireless earbuds. So why is it that there are still so many poor examples of these wireless earbuds? And why are there so few premium wireless earbuds to offer users great quality sound, with great battery life?

It seems like it is only the best of the best wireless earbuds that are out there, with the excellent Sennheiser HE1 being our current choice. But the other great wireless earbuds in the world are just that…the other great wireless earbuds.

Today we will be going through the difference between the various popular brands of wireless earbuds and talking about the differences between them. Zenfone Earbud


The last thing you want is to buy a pair of earbuds that don’t sound as good as you’d like, or lose some of their sound after using for a little while. That’s why the biggest mistake most new smartphone owners make is buying cheap, disposable earbuds.

When it comes to earbuds, it’s worth spending a little more for something that offers a little more value for your dollar. However, don’t worry too much about this if you want to save some money for a little while.

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Looking for the best earbuds you can buy today? Here are the best earbuds you can buy:

What are the best earbuds?


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