The Ultimate Seller’s Guide to Amazon Promotions

Making Amazon promotions is a great method of advertising with social proof through Amazon is a fantastic method to increase sales. Promotions provide incentives to a customer who is already familiar with your product. Amazon Seller Badges are a good instance. How do you make these kinds of promotions on Amazon?

This article will inform you about the various types of promotional offers, such as coupons, lightning deals, as well as other kinds of codes. At the end of this article, you’ll have a clear concept of how to make use of the codes efficiently.

Creating Promotions on Amazon

To get them set up normally, you need to visit”Advertising” in the “Advertising” menu at the top of Seller Central. A sub-menu will refer to different types of promotions:

  • Free Shipping
  • Percentage Off
  • Buy One – Get One
  • Giveaway

We’ll explain how each one can be helpful later on.

Amazon Seller Promotion Types

Two types of deals are available on Amazon:

  • The Amazon Lightning Deal
  • An Amazon Coupon

What is an Amazon Lighting Deal?

It is the Amazon Lightning Deal is a flash sale that can last until seven days. If you do it correctly you’ll see it along with other items that are listed on Amazon’s Deals Page. Some circles refer to it as”the Goldbox.

Potential buyers are always looking for better deals, which has made Goldbox an extremely popular website. Amazon is aware of this, and that’s why they charge a cost for the use of the Goldbox service.

What is the reason it’s named Lighting? Two reasons:

  • Lightning rarely strikes twice, which is why these deals are regarded as exclusive
  • Lightning flashes and disappears quickly creating a sense of urgency

This is the sole scenario where you can claim, “I want to be struck by lightning.” Sellers can utilize it to devise an effective sales plan.

How Much Do Lightning Deals Cost?

The typical cost to have the Amazon Lightning Deal is around $150. However, the cost is expected to increase as Amazon continues to expand. The cost of appearing placed on the “Today’s Deals” page fluctuates dependent on the volume of traffic to your site. 

If your current traffic is extremely high, you can spend even more. Imagine it as your normal PPC campaign. The bid you make to be featured in the top spots is significantly higher than those in lesser-known positions.

Eligibility Requirements for Amazon Lightning Deals

  • You should have a past sales experience
  • Your overall quality score should be at least three stars
  • Your product must qualify for Prime (in every region)
  • You are not able to promote products you have already used.
  • No inappropriate products
  • There is no way to make multiple promotions using the same product.

What is an Amazon Coupon?

Amazon Coupons are like Lightning Deals but lack an attractive front page. Instead, you’ll be on the list of items that are discounted but aren’t listed on the Today’s Deals page.

What Types of Coupons Can I Offer?

Amazon provides a range of different coupon kinds. Here’s a list of the most popular:

One-time Use Promo Coupons 

These coupons can only be used for one-time use and cannot be used in any way. After costumes have used the coupon and are not re-used, they can’t be used again. They are perfect for complementing items in product packaging.

Extra Savings Coupons 

Amazon’s latest coupon clipping trend can be found on the description of the item page. Amazon customers can “clip” them to provide discounts on top of the deal. Clipping is done by clicking on the checkbox to reference the offer.

Discounts offered by Amazon 

Discounts offered by the Amazon Program happen when Amazon attempts to attract customers with discounts on certain items. If it is your product, Amazon entirely funds the discount, which means you get the full amount to purchase the item.

Social Media Promo Coupons 

These promo codes are located in the “Create A Promotion” section of Seller Central. They can create unique landing pages and you can promote many different items. These codes are ideal to work with influential people.

Eligibility Requirements for Amazon Coupons

  • The products should at least have a review
  • Items that require between one and four reviews and must have at least a 2.5-star rating (or greater)
  • Reviews that have more than five (or greater) reviews must be accompanied by an average rating of three stars (or more)
  • Only new products
  • No offensive or inappropriate items

Amazon also denies the following types of products for coupons:

  • “Adult” products
  • Sexual wellness
  • Hunting gear
  • Fishing gear
  • Guns
  • Gun Accessories
  • Books
  • Music
  • Videos
  • DVDs

Sellers aren’t able to provide coupons for reviews in exchange.

How many units should be distributed during a promotion?

You must be able to calculate your desired profit in order to respond to this question. Since promotions often result in higher potential sales, you must determine how much more you must sell to justify the discount.

The basic formula is as follows:

Revenue minus Cost of Goods Sold (COGS) and Discount equals profit.

Both a per-item cost and an overall cost can be used with this straightforward formula. The break-even point is also known as your total COGS. The amount you must sell to reach your break-even point in order for your expenses to equal your revenue.

Never allow your discount to push you dangerously close to breakeven. If so, you’ll have to sell more items than you produced.

Strategies to Boost Your Product Promotions

None of these promotions will add to your Amazon promo credit. However, these promotions can be effective when they are used with care. We’ve covered the strategy in a few segments However, here are some additional tips to improve your marketing efforts for your products:

  • Give subscribers to email subscribers exclusive previews and access to testing rights for forthcoming products. This isn’t possible on Amazon however, promotions of the site are often compelling.
  • Create a blog post on your site announcing the promotion you’ve got on Amazon. It could be a part of your current prime day deals or simply for amusement!
  • Create an event at which you and your team demonstrate the quality of your product. This will also allow you to solve any problems in real-time.
  • Engage with PR firms to advertise the product’s existence in your community. People love buying things that are owned by local businesses.
  • Do not overlook the potential that is PPC advertising. You can make use of Facebook, Amazon, and Google to make a successful marketing mix with a variety of goals.

This list of bullet points is but one of the numerous ideas you can apply to your company. It is important to be flexible when it comes to your promotional strategies. The same applies to the promotional materials you use since the same message from your brand will draw the correct intended audience.

Final Thoughts

Amazon provides powerful tools that will enhance your offline and on-site efforts. Although coupons and promotional tools can’t replace good service, they could help take your great sellers to the next step.

When you next take a look at these tools for promotion we hope this blog can give you a great idea of what to do. If you’re looking to be first in your industry spend no money.

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