Things not to do while wearing a Venetian mask

Venetian mask

A Venetian mask should feel like it was made for your face and fit perfectly.

A Venetian mask is not something you can just pick up from any store- they are pieces of art.

In fact, the tradition of crafting them started in thirteenth-century Venice!

You can’t possibly buy a random mask from an unknown brand to wear at a party, so here’s what you should do:

First, measure your head with a measuring tape or a piece of string.

This is to ensure that none of the edges would be peeling off when you’re wearing it.

Secondly, check for obvious flaws in the mask.

If there are any marks or scratches on the surface then don’t go ahead with the purchase.

Finally, try it on! Don’t be shy and take a few minutes to ensure that you’re getting the right fit and feel for your mask.

You can always ask someone to help you out with this.

We guarantee that everyone will love the effort you put in and nobody would mind waiting for a couple of minutes.

The mask should not block your vision or hearing at all

The main purpose of wearing a Venetian mask is to make people take notice of you.

After all, nothing grabs attention better than a sumptuous-looking piece of art obscuring one’s face!

But if the mask has any holes visible from behind or in front of it.

You might not be getting the attention you wanted.

Make sure that the mask fits tightly onto your face without any gaps or spaces.

Wet it and fit it snugly around your head.

If there is some space between your skin and the mask, add a little bit of paste to ensure a perfect seal.

If you’re wearing glasses while trying on masks, don’t forget to check whether they’ll interfere with each other.

We’ve had more than one party guest who couldn’t wear their glasses because their mask pressed against them too closely!

Make sure that such problems will never arise by making friends with an optician before Halloween night.

Don’t get tempted by more expensive than what you need

If you’re not very fond of spending money, then here’s some advice for you: 

Never spend more than what the average price is for this kind of mask in your local area.

You can find out by asking people who are selling them or even looking them up on the Internet!

If you feel that a certain seller is overcharging, try finding someone else with masks at a lower price. 

There are tons of counterfeit masks in circulation right now- don’t get tempted by how beautiful they look.

Just because they bear an uncanny resemblance to the original work doesn’t mean that these are authentic pieces!

They might look good when worn once or twice but will never be able to last for long.

Because their poor quality and low durability mean complete destruction of the mask in a couple of hours.

Don’t get too adventurous with them

Wearing a Venetian mask is all fun and games until you realize that it’s dawn and your friends have left for home!

Then, you might find yourself alone without any transportation or money to pay for a cab.

If this has happened to you before, then here’s some advice from us:

Make sure that you can return home easily by selecting a highly trafficked area for your party date during Halloween week.

Make friends with someone who lives near your area or choose an area that will be crawling with people at night.

It’ll make things much easier on you while going back! 

Another thing- if there are more than one of you at the party.

Make sure that there is a clear division between who has money and who doesn’t.

That way, everyone will have access to funds for cab rides or even public transport passes!

Don’t be irresponsible with their use- this goes double for alcohol

There are too many accidents taking place during Halloween week because people are getting intoxicated at parties.

Here’s something fun to remember- never drink when you’re wearing your mask!

The reason is that it would be very easy to choke on your own vomit if you get too drunk while hiding behind a Venetian mask.

Also, don’t try doing anything risky when you’ve had more than a few drinks already- nobody wants to go out with someone who’s going to cause them harm.

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