Time Management Hacks Every Defence Aspirant Must Follow

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How does it feel to be part of the Indian defence forces? Being in the defence forces is a matter of great pride. You’ll get a chance to serve your nation and earn respect. Well, let us tell you that becoming a defence personnel is not everyone’s cup of tea. You need to be extremely sedulous and determined to be a part of these elite forces. Also, you need to be zealous to channel through the arduous phases of the defence exam. Make sure you are preparing for the exam with the help of a proven strategy. Do you know how to make a foolproof exam strategy? It is highly important to use your time optimally while preparing for the exam. We have enumerated some astounding tips in this article that can help you to manage your time while preparing for the defence exam. 

There are three diversions of the defence forces: The Indian Army, Indian Navy and Indian Air force. You can join these forces by cracking exams like NDA, AFCAT and CDS. Are you a 12th pass student who is preparing for the NDA exam? If yes, then boost your exam preparation by joining an eminent institute that can provide NDA coaching in Chandigarh. For sure, you’ll give adequate time to self study as well to increase your chances of cracking the exam. We can help you to manage your time while preparing for the defence exams. 

Here are some time management hacks every defence aspirant must know:

You need to manage your time two times to ace defence exams. First, while preparing for the exam, then while attempting the exam. Follow the given tips to manage your time perfectly for defence exam preparation. 

  • Prioritize your tasks

You need to make a list of things you need to do while preparing for the defence exams. More often than not, some candidates leave important tasks till the last minute. It is essential to prioritize exam preparation over everything else. Also, chop off every activity that doesn’t contribute to exam preparation. This way you can make a rewarding timetable for yourself while preparing for the defence exam. So, pick a pen and paper then list the things you need to do while preparing for the exam. Don’t forget to add activity of daily chores while preparing for the exams.

  • Prepare a schedule 

Listing priorities is not enough. You need to make a proper study schedule for exam preparation. There are various time management apps that can help you to make a proper timetable for exam preparation. No doubt, making a timetable is essential while preparing for the exam. You need to follow the timetable as well. Choose to study during your most productive hours. This is how you can effectively prepare for the upcoming defence exams. Also, you need to post a timetable in front of your study table. This way you can easily follow the schedule you prepared for exam preparation. 

  • Keep distractions at bay 

Distractions can drift you miles away from your goal. So, try to eschew distractions while preparing for the exam. First, you need to determine which thing distracts you the most. Is it your smartphone? If yes, then keep your smartphone away from your study area. Also, you can choose to keep your phone on silent during study hours. Additionally, avoid engaging yourself in late night parties. It can make you feel tired and exhausted. Also, you won’t be able to focus while preparing for the exam.

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  • Take short breaks 

Studying for long hours can be tiring as well as boring. So, take short breaks after studying for certain hours. For example: You can take a break of 10 minutes after studying continuously for 1 hour. Also, you can use pomodoro technique to study for the exam. You can use this technique in the following manner:

  • Study continuously for 25 minutes.
  • Take a break of 5 minutes.
  • Repeat this cycle 4 times. 
  • After repeating this cycle for 4 times you can choose to take a break of 25-30 minutes. 

This technique can help you focus properly while preparing for the exam. 

  • Work on your speed and accuracy. 

You need to improve your speed and accuracy for solving maximum questions in the exam. Do you know how to do that? Simply by solving numerous mock tests. These tests are basically replicas of actual exam syllabus and pattern. It is advisable to solve at least 10 mock tests every day to brush up on your knowledge. Also, it can help you to reduce the risk of negative marking in the defence exams. Well, it is not wise to skip solving mock tests while preparing for the exam. So, make sure you complete the exam syllabus on time and leave time for revision.

  • Never procrastinate

Procrastination is the habit of delaying important tasks. If you procrastinate a lot, then it can become really tough to reach your desirable goals. So, make sure you are following the timetable you made for yourself. The biggest benefit of following a timetable with dedication is that you can complete the exam syllabus on time. As a result, you’ll have ample time at the end for revision. Thus, procrastination is a negative habit that can keep you from cracking the defence exams.

  • Tips for the exam day 

Time management plays a crucial role on the day of exam as well. You need to solve maximum questions in a limited period of time. Here are some tips you can follow on the day of exam:

  • Reach the examination hall 1 hour early. 
  • First, attempt the questions you are confident about. 
  • Don’t waste your time on a single question for long.
  • Wear a wrist watch on the day of the exam. Also, make sure you are not wearing a digital watch. 
  • Avoid blind guesses, as you can lose your marks because of negative marking in the exam. 

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We hope the aforementioned time management hacks can help you to crack the defence exams with flying colours. So, use time optimally while preparing for the defence exams.

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