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Top 5 Tips to Maintain Your Wall Cladding

Interior and exterior claddings are necessary for the decor of your house. Wall cladding enhances the looks and aesthetics of a building’s architecture. High pressure laminates are primarily used in the installation of wall cladding. In interior decoration, these texture laminates are very important, as they would need low maintenance.


When looking for laminates, we always prefer low-maintenance texture laminates for wall cladding. Royale Touche provides you with durable laminate sheets with a contemporary laminate design. But if you’re worried about the maintenance of high pressure laminates, don’t worry. This article will give you five simple tips on maintaining wall cladding on your interior.


5 worthwhile maintenance tips for wall cladding


Cladding includes the process of layering one material on another over a wall. As you might observe cladding on interior or exterior wall or both, maintenance of texture laminates are required. You can protect your favourite laminate design through a full-proof cladding maintenance process. Let’s find out the finest tips to maintain your wall cladding.


Immediate stain removal treatment


You don’t want stains on the cladding panels at any cost. So, to avoid stains, you need immediate action. Stains on high pressure laminates caused by jams, tea, milk, wine, coffee, syrups and soaps are easy to clean.


But you need to avoid tough stains from cranberry, beetroot, concentrated fruit juice, caramel and bleach to save your sets of laminate design. Depending on the nature of stains, you will need professional help to clean the wall cladding.


Schedule dusting


You need to make a regular dusting schedule to maintain the sheer appeal of high pressure laminate wall claddings. Dusting needs no complicated methods but an anomaly a quick wipe of soft brush or mop of slightly moisture cloth on the texture laminates. Regular dusting on laminates will make your interior look as shiny as new.


Apply proper cleaning products

Proper cleaning product selection for the laminates is significant. Most of the high pressure laminates are perennial to chemical and rough stains. Therefore, you need to use proper cleaning products for texture laminates.


For interior wall cladding laminates, you can use household non-abrasive cleaning products. Before applying any cleaning product to laminates, you should check that the products don’t contain chlorine, acidic products and bleach.


Befriend seasoned contractors


Whether you’re trying wall cladding laminates for the first time or struggling to prevent cladding quality, you should get help from professional contractors. As an experienced professional who knows some tried-and-tested methods, your desirable laminate design will be in safe hands.


The investment on high pressure laminates will be efficient with seasoned experts because they have top-tired quality services and techniques. Hence, the experts will let you the satisfaction that the laminates in your property work and looks incredible.


Use Suitable Washing Methods


Choosing suitable washing methods for wall cladding laminates is very important. Vacuum cleaning is the easiest option for cleaning high pressure laminates. On the other hand, the aqueous mixture of trisodium phosphate (TSP) is a great cleaning agent for the laminates. This alkaline cleaning agent can work as a wonderful degreaser on the texture laminates.


Bonus tips


As we are always obsessed with keeping our interior clean, we have shared some bonus tips for maintaining wall cladding laminates with you.


Avoid Water


Most times, the high pressure laminates are engineered so that moisture or direct water exposure would act as a detrimental factor. If you apply water while cleaning the laminates on the walls, they should be dried immediately afterwards with dry clothes or an air blower.


Dodge Summer


Irrespective of the quality and price of the laminates, the installation of wall cladding in summer will affect proper placing. We will recommend you to wait until a cooler season when it comes to the question of texture laminate installation. As in summer, the high pressure laminates cladding warp up.


No Paint Over Panels


If you want to change your interior decoration look, never use colour coats over the laminates of cladding panels. You’ll ruin the quality of texture laminates in the wall cladding or entire cladding replacement. Therefore, we will suggest you not paint but rather clad laminates.


Why choose Royale Touche Laminates for wall cladding?


Royale Touche laminates are highly durable for both interior and exterior wall cladding. Moreover, if you want to save some money while installing the wall cladding texture laminates, Royale Touche is the one-stop solution. The range of laminate designs from Royale Touche is not only long-lasting but also eye-catching.


In a nutshell


Wall claddings are effective for interior and exterior designing, but they just need some primary maintenance. So, if you’re planning to install high pressure laminates in interior wall cladding, look no further than Royale Touche. To discuss your specifications and requirements, you can visit our website Read More