Top 5 ways to make money as a teenager from part-time jobs to online work

part time jobs

We live in a day and age where we don’t even have to walk out of our house to make money. With the advent of the internet and technology, our work has become digitized to a great extent, especially after the COVID 19 pandemic. Our offices, classes, seminars, conferences, meetings, and even our weddings are hosted online during this time, indicating that physical presence at the workplace does not have to do anything with productivity unless it involves work of physical labor. With the digital world overtaking physical spaces of work and interaction, the money-making process has become much easier. Children as young as 10 years old are earning on the internet. If you are a teenager looking for money-making possibilities on the internet, this blog is for you. Check out 5 ways to make money as a teenager below-

  • Blogging/Vlogging-

It is the process of presenting your experiences, knowledge, and interests in an entertaining manner through articles or videos. The only investment you need for this work is a smartphone or a computer with an internet connection. The best thing about blogging/vlogging is that you are free to write or speak about anything under the sun. You don’t need a professional certification to become a blogger/vlogger. You can choose your niche and start blogging/vlogging. While blogs are written documentation, vlogs represent visual documentation of your interest areas which may include lifestyle, fashion, travel, etc. Once you gain a loyal base audience, there is no limit to how much you can earn.

  • Freelance-

A freelancer is an independent worker who provides their services to clients on a per-job or per task basis. There are a variety of freelance options that you can choose from depending on your skill and ability. Some of the options include content writing, graphic designing, video editing, app development, and much more. You can start by registering yourself on a freelancing website or making connections through social media. Your work will require promotions to gain visibility and attract potential targets. Make sure to build a strong portfolio and remain active on social media to land upon potential clients.

Sell your creativity-

It is easier to survive or make money in a world full of competitions if you are a creative person. A creative person often comes off as impressive and has an edge over others when finding work and gaining popularity. There is a saying that ‘never do something you are good at for free. Make this saying your bible if you want to earn out of your creativity. Everything sells in the world of the internet. It can be an idea, humor, art, knowledge, or anything that has the potential to attract people. If you are good at art and crafts, start listing your products online. Or if you are a funny and witty person start making videos or vines that showcase your talent or creativity. Make sure to frequently display your creative skills online to attract leads and gain more visibility.

Online tutoring-

If you have a sound record in academics, you will easily be eligible to offer tutoring services to primary school or high school level kids. Tutors are in high demand because parents hardly have any time to guide their children in their studies. Many parents are ready to pay a good amount to tutors in return for good service. If you are able to provide good tutoring services, you will not require much time in gaining popularity. You can promote your services online and ask your students or their parents to do word-of-mouth promotions in their network. It can serve as a good source of pocket money or more if you are invested and dedicated to the service you provide. You can also register yourself on online tutoring sites to sell customized academic courses.

Delivery jobs-

This job is for anyone who dislikes being a homebody and can’t work in closed spaces. If you are someone who enjoys riding around the town and being independent, you may as well make some money for it. Most delivery jobs require a driver’s license, so you have to be above 18 years. The legal age for driving differs from state to state, check your city standards before applying. This job is suitable for late teens who have a vehicle and know how to drive. Delivery driver jobs are a great way to support your main income or pocket money. Most companies hire delivery drivers as independent contractors, so you don’t have to worry about anyone bossing you. You can also boost your income through bonuses, promotions, and tips from customers.

Wrapping up-

The Internet might have its areas of pros and cons, but you can’t deny the fact that it has opened an avenue of opportunities like never before. Anyone can perform, write, speak, act, buy, sell, promote on the internet. The best part is you don’t have to go through any eligibility test nor need a degree to make money on the internet. The Internet is not only a place to showcase your creativity but also for making connections and finding prospects. You will always have a humble start while making money on the internet. Building a loyal base of followers or audience takes time. But once you have mastered the art of marketing yourself and your work, there is no one stopping you from reaching new heights of success.

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