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Top 7 Most Common Summer AC Problems

Summer! A restful season. It doesn’t come alone, it brings excitement, positive vibes, and long days to your life. Summer means long vacations, a lot of fun with friends and family on the beaches, and of course, relaxation! And, you don’t want to get interrupted in the middle of your relaxation period just because of AC Problems.

Summer is, without a question, the most strenuous season for your air conditioner. And, as a result of the increased demand, your Air Conditioners may experience a wide range of issues.

Air Conditioner is a complicated piece of equipment that can fail in a variety of different ways, and they, like all other electronic appliances, require routine maintenance. Knowing how to spot these issues before they get out of hand might help you avoid more serious, and perhaps costly issues down the line!

The top common causes of AC Problems –

  • Inadequate performance of the external fan:

When falling debris enters the cabinet casing, it might cause harm to the exterior fan. If the fan blades are twisted as a result of falling debris, they will impact the fan shell, causing more damage to the machine. This is why it’s best to maintain the space surrounding the condenser free (approximately a foot on all corners) to avoid debris damage.

  • Sensor issues AC Problems:

The temperature of the evaporator coil is monitored by the thermostat in an air conditioner. If the sensor isn’t in the ideal spot, it won’t be able to measure the temperature effectively. The monitor might display a different temperature, causing the air conditioner to operate over time. Thus appoint Ac Repair in Bhopal and get your AC sensors repaired.

  • The unit constantly turns on and off: 

When the air conditioner has trouble coming on and makes a stuttering sound as if it’s choking in the process, and then shuts down nearly immediately once switched on, this is definitely something to be concerned about.  To rectify the problem, a technician can repair or replace parts or implant a ‘hard-start kit.’ The worst-case scenario is that the technician suggests purchasing a new machine.

  • Odd smells coming from the system:

A burning odour is one indicator of AC difficulties. Some people may detect musty scents in their homes. These odours may emanate from the vents or while you’re near the main AC unit. Electrical scents might indicate a problem with the motor’s wiring. If your air filters become clogged, the system might overheat, resulting in burning odours. Clogged drains are the source of mildew smells.

  • Indoor water Leakage AC Problems:

If you notice water rushing from the air conditioner’s indoor unit, it’s time for a tune-up! Water leaks from an air conditioner may occur when the system’s condensate drain becomes blocked with algae or fungus, causing the water to back pipe system and then into your home.

  • Fan Problems:

Some fans cool the air by blowing air from the room through the unit’s evaporator coil, while others blow air through the condenser of the outdoor unit to remove the absorbed heat from the backyard of the building. If both of these followers don’t work properly, either because of a faulty engine, lack of lubrication, belt wear, or too much dirt and debris, you’ll face serious airflow and air conditioning issues. Forgetting the problem can lead to compressor failure, which is often a death sentence for air conditioners. So do not think and call Ac Repair in Indore so that you’re AC gets repaired and starts working fine.

  • Thermostat Malfunctioning

The thermostat malfunctioning is one of the most prevalent problems with residential air conditioners. A broken thermostat, for example, is to blame if your air conditioner is short cycling and your environment feels warmer than usual. There could be a significant problem caused by dust and rust, or it could just be a case of dead batteries. Inside the thermostat, loose screws or wires might potentially cause it to malfunction.

These are the seven most frequent AC issues, and you may have experienced some of them yourself. Some of these issues are quite simple to resolve, while others need the assistance of a knowledgeable and well-trained engineer.

Regular maintenance can help detect underlying problems that can limit the effectiveness of your system or lead to AC failure.

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