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Top unique dish in Vietnam

unique dish

Cuisine is always an endless source of inspiration for people, it is the unique features of each region’s cuisine that have created a colorful culinary world. Vietnamese cuisine is very diverse and there are many unique dishes but also extremely delicious and nutritious. Let’s discover which dishes will be “unique” in our country.


Blood pudding is a fresh dish using raw animal blood mixed with a little fish sauce or brine to keep it from freezing. Next, the blood is mixed with the chopped meat and cartilage to freeze the blood. This way of preparing dishes is very popular in Vietnamese cuisine from North to South. But never seen in the cuisine of any other place in the world and perhaps also extremely rare in the overseas Vietnamese community.

Normally, blood pudding is the blood of pigs, swans, ducks, goats, and dogs. In blood pudding, liver, intestines, gizzards can be chopped and served with roasted peanuts, pepper, herbs and lemon juice. This is a dish that often appears at dinner parties. 


Duck eggs, also known as “duck nuts”, is a dish made from duck eggs when the embryo has developed into shape. Duck eggs are one of the popular snacks in Vietnam. Conceived in Eastern countries as a nutritious food. Eggs are sold at street corners or at small food stalls. This dish is also popular in some other Asian countries such as China, the Philippines and Cambodia .

Duck eggs in Vietnam are usually old duck embryos from 9 to 11 days old. The dish is always eaten with laksa leaves and dried salt and pepper or salt and pepper with lemon (kumquat). In some other localities also served with sweet and sour food. In addition, eggs also have other variations such as: duck eggs dipped in hot pot, fried duck eggs, quail eggs and grout duck eggs. After hard-boiling eggs, breaking into a cup and adding a little spice to serve with laksa leaves, this dish will make you fall in love immediately. However, many foreigners feel disgusted, even disgusted with this dish.

Grilled field mouse

No stranger to Vietnamese people, hamsters are processed into many different dishes such as: grilled hamsters, roti, sautéed with lemongrass and chili, sautéed… Nowadays, field mice have become a specialty of the locals. eateries, restaurants. At district markets, field mice are sold for between 50,000 and 70,000 VND/kg. Besides, field mouse hunting also creates jobs for rural workers in the flood season.

The fat, firm and delicious field mice are the best after harvesting the rice fields. Usually after the winter-spring rice crop and the summer-autumn crop. When the rice is harvested, people in the Western Delta (Mekong Delta) will go to catch mice and sell them. In the old days, rats were caught quite easily and simply. However, now, due to the increasing number of catches, they are forced to fish more sophisticatedly. The picture points are net traps, traps, burrowing, lighting at night..

Deep-fried cicadas

Cicadas are a specialty in Binh Phuoc. In the season when cicadas start to molt, Binh Phuoc people, especially men, often take turns catching cicadas to make food. Cicadas are processed into many dishes such as porridge, fried flour, fried onions and the most delicious dish is deep fried. After catching ticks, people put them in sealed bags, wash them in dilute salt water so that they can’t grow wings but escape. In order not to be poisoned, after soaking in salt water, the ticks are dipped in boiling water and then washed with cold water. On a hot fire, people put cicadas in a pan of hot oil, when they turn yellow, they are ripe.

The golden-bodied mites exude a fragrant aroma and are served with herbs and dipped in chili garlic fish sauce. Put in your mouth, you will feel the greasy and crispy taste with the aroma spreading. Processed cicadas must be new ones that have molted for 30 minutes or less. Dishes from cicadas always impress people to enjoy.

Dishes from Sa Sung

Sa Sung – An animal that sounds strange but is actually very close to the Vietnamese people from the past to the present, especially the people in the coastal areas. In fact, it is a type of seafood, it lives in caves, under the sand near the sea. Sa worms are most often found in Quang Ninh, Nha Trang, and Con Dao. Where it appears it has different names such as: bait, bi bi, earth ginseng or sea worm. Perhaps that’s why when it comes to the name sage, many people don’t immediately recognize it.

This is a famous specialty of the sea of ​​Quang Ninh. Although with the appearance that makes many people surprised with its smooth, soft round body, it is no different from the enlarged earthworm. But it is still processed into many dishes. attractive: like sauteed sage with garlic, soup with sago… Sà sùng has many useful uses. It is not only a delicious dish, containing abundant nutrients but also a precious medicine with many uses such as: treating cold heart or cooling the body. Sà sùng contains up to 17 mineral elements, 18 kinds of amino acids. This is a really good dish that should be tried once.

Phá Lấu

Pha Lau is processed almost the whole body of pigs and chickens, but the most delicious is still duck. To complete the dish, the meat is cut into hand-sized pieces and marinated with five spices mixed with high-quality white wine, soy sauce, minced garlic, pepper, and white sugar. Season to taste, leave for about 60 minutes. Then put the marinated meat in a pan of boiling oil, fry until hunted, then take out to drain the oil. Put the marinade left in the pot with Siamese coconut water to arrange the fried meat, simmer on low heat. The water is shallow, add more coconut water, stew until the water is thick, the meat is soft to eat then take it out, cut each piece as required. Pha Lau is served with cucumber, carrot… and the most delicious is dipped with garlic and minced chili sauce.

 Phá Lau over time has been modified more or less. How it is still a favorite dish of many generations of Vietnamese students. In the past, people would think of a dish served in a large pot with a charcoal stove below that was sold in front of the school gates. Today, there are many restaurants that are clean, safely processed and offer a variety of choices for young people. Pha Lau is an easy dish to eat at any time, at an affordable price. This will always be a dish that when it comes to Vietnamese street food, people will immediately think of it.


If only hearing the name, many people wonder and immediately think of the “stone sprout” in the story of Trang Quynh or think they are about to taste a dish shaped like … gravel. However, this name actually comes from the way it is processed. When ordering sprout gravel, diners will enjoy wild boar processed in a special way. Each meal includes 3-4 very hot pebbles, used to cook wild boar meat. After being marinated with spices, the wild boar is placed on the gravel. The heat from the pebble will grill and help cook the meat.

For Hau Giang people, sprout gravel is not a sophisticated dish, but without gravel, the dish will lose its soul. And to create a complete dish of sprouted gravel, the main ingredients are wild boar meat and the chef’s talented hands and spices marinated meat. Meat must be wild boar raised by ethnic people on the hills and mountains, weighing only 5-15kg. Because only such pigs can produce delicious, low-fat pieces of meat, suitable for making sprout gravel.

Nậm pịa

Nam pia is a typical dish of Thai ethnic people in Mai Chau, Hoa Binh. Nam pia Northwestern dish is a traditional delicacy of the Thai ethnic people in the highlands, often appearing at weddings, festivals or banquets for guests. This is considered a specialty dish that visitors should try once when coming to the highlands. 

The main ingredients for the dish are the organs of the animals that are mixed, then simmered with the bones until it is sweet enough. Accompanying condiments include: chili, garlic, and mac Khen. This dish does not look eye-catching, combining the bitter taste of forest leaves with the strong steam from the internal organs of pigs and cows will cause discomfort to some people. However, if you slowly taste it, the dish is also quite delicious and attractive.

Vampire Survivors

Vampire Survivors is a roguelike shoot ’em up video game. This game, commonly referred to as poncle, was created and released by Luca Galante.

The player is in control of a character who automatically attacks while battling endless waves of creatures. The objective is to withstand the assault for as long as you can while also gaining access to new characters, weapons, and artifacts for later sessions. Despite the title and key art of the game, none of the several monsters faced are vampires.


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