Tunnel Rush and high-speed games

Video games appeal to a lot of people. In recent years, the released video games have attracted more players with their beautiful configuration, interesting gameplay, and entertainment. Here are Tunnel Rush and a few video games that you should try.

Tunnel Rush

Tunnel Rush is a high-speed game. This game was developed by Deer Cat and released on 14th January 2016. 

The game is played in the first person, and the setting is a tunnel filled with obstacles and hurdles. The player’s main objective is to explore the tunnel from a first-person perspective, tap into his inner skills, and make the most progress possible in order to score the most points.

1.1. Gameplay

The gameplay of this game is very simple. The difficulty level will rise as the player progresses through the game and encounters more intricate obstacles, fast-paced gameplay, and ridiculous challenges. As soon as the player crashes with an obstacle, the game ends and the player must restart from the beginning. You just need to use the keyboard to control it.

  • Left and right arrow keys
  • A, D – Move left and right
  • Space – Pause/restart

You should play Tunnel Rush with your friend to have more fun

1.2. Tips and tricks to play Tunnel rush

  • Try to anticipate hazards and prepare for them early.
  • Some barriers will move, so make sure you’re ahead of where they’re going.
  • Tunnel Rush looks fast, but you’ll have plenty of time to dodge each obstacle.

Helix Jump

Helix Jump is an Action, Endless Gameplay, and Single-player video game developed and published by Voodoo for mobile devices such as Android, iOS, and Windows Phone. The game was released first on tenth February 2018.

The player starts on a fascinating adventure as they navigate the tower labyrinth while bouncing a ball. It has finger controls and enables the player to travel the farthest distance while accumulating the most points. The game features captivating visual effects and compelling gameplay elements that players have never seen before.


You will control a ball that continuously bounces, by swiping left or right of the screen to control the pillar, so that the ball passes through the slot of many floors until the last floor will end. In the process, You will encounter countless traps that are rocks of different colors, if you let your ball touch them, you will lose. The higher the level, the more difficult and faster the speed and traps will be.

Also, keep an eye out, there will be items randomly appearing to help you get through the floors quickly.

At the end of the level, you will receive gold and can continue to the new level with more challenges. You can use gold to unlock more beautiful ball shapes and bouncing effects.

Piano Title 2 

The music arcade game Piano Tiles 2 was made by Hu Wen Zeng and Heo Min Heol. It was released by Cheetah Mobile’s Entertainment division and CJ E&M. The game is a sequel to the Piano Tiles game, released in 2015, and introduces brilliant gameplay and relaxing music.

It features two separate game modes, including Gaming mode, where the player must tap on the black tiles while avoiding the white ones, and Top Challenge level, which exposes the player to risk and thrill.

3.1. Gameplay

Playing Magic Piano Music Tiles 2 is really simple and straightforward. To hear the hottest piano tunes, tap the piano tiles rather than the white ones.

If you tap on white tiles or miss the piano tiles, the game will end. Be cautious!

There are many stages with escalating challenges, and each one has its own background and music to enhance the experience. The goal of the game is to accumulate as many points as you can while challenging your friends to beat your score.

3.2. Game features

  • Simple artwork, straightforward controls, and everyone can play the piano!
  • The breathtaking beat will test the speed of your hands!
  • Multiplayer online combat. Up to 4 players can play simultaneously.
  • Compare your performance against other players worldwide on the ranking list and share your results with your friends!
  • High-quality audio gives you the impression that you’re at a concert.
  • A better version of yourself and greater challenges.

Piano title 7

For Android, Edenic has created the single-player, arcade, and musical video game Piano Tiles 7.

The main action the player can do in this game, which is an adaptation of White Tiles 2, is to not touch the white tile in order to get beyond it. The game has amazing playability, and the player’s main goal is to accumulate as many points as they can by tapping the black squares to make music.

Band Mode and Battle Mode are two of the game’s modes. While in Battle mode, the player discovers a door that leads him to other players so that he can compete against them for the points, in Band mode, the player can play with more instruments to create awesome songs. There is a unique playing system that introduces the cool, wonderful, and optimal gauge. The player can put his abilities to the test in a Test mode with the clear objective of climbing the leaderboards. Piano Tiles 7 has essential components including three modes, musical gameplay, a variety of musical instruments, and more.

Drift boss

Drift boss was released in December 2019 by DesarrApps. This is a drifting game that can only be played by pushing one button. Keep perfect timing as you navigate your car around an endless road of curves to prevent crashing into space.

Drift Boss is an exclusive web game. Although there isn’t a legitimate Android or iOS version of the game, there is a cross-platform version available online. Therefore, if you play on a website, you can always play it on your phone without downloading the game

Your job is to use the mouse to control the car to move through the bends so as not to fall off the road. The key to winning the game is timing. To drive your car in the right direction and prevent going off the platforms, you must click at precisely the right time. Additionally, there are several challenging curves, locations, and bumps throughout the game.

On PC: Hold down the left mouse button or press Space to move the car to the right, and release the button to move the car to the left.

On a mobile phone: Touch the screen to move to the right, then release the screen to move to the left.

Paint Hit

Paint Hit is an Arcade and Single-player video game developed by Mag Interactive for Android and iOS.

A gorgeous art design and one-finger control make for a compelling gameplay experience in this game. The game begins with the player cutting his color drops onto the 3D tower and attempting to completely paint it. The player won’t give up in the game until he splats all the way to the top. The player’s main objective is to get the most points possible so they can take on the bosses in the game’s more than 100 thrilling stages. It offers simple to learn but challenging gameplay with messy painting enjoyment.

Moreover, the level of difficulty will grow as the player progresses through the game, and higher levels will be challenging challenge to complete. Every level’s background is different in the game, and each level lets you customize the white tower’s color. Popular elements of Paint Hit such as 100 Levels, Challenge Bosses, Great Audio, Messy Painting Fun, and Satisfying Splat.


Games have always been a source of entertainment for people when stressed. The video games above are interesting games that are played by a lot of people with huge downloads. These games are mostly high-speed games, requiring players to be quick. so they not only entertain you but also challenge your reflexes. Especially, Tunnel Rush is quite fast, and not only requires good reflexes but also judgment. So, try and find your favorite video game.