Types Of High Flow Filter

High Flow Filter

High flow filter is an engine modification that increases the amount of air flow into the engine’s combustion chambers, allowing for more horsepower to be produced. This modification can be achieved in a variety of ways, but all require efficient airflow into the filter and then smoothly through to the engine block. All high flow filters function by either increasing the size of both intake and exhaust tubing or adding a second air filter on the opposite side of the vehicle.


  • Open
  • Closed

Cone shaped filter functions by allowing more air into the engine at high speeds. But still preventing large objects from passing through. They also require a complicated and detailed design to ensure the air filter is able to work properly and not restrict airflow at all times. closed high flow filters are preferred because they can be shaped in almost any way and have no issue with airflow restriction or velocity. This means that all of the air will pass through your filter and into your engine for a smooth ride. This type of design is typically more expensive than a cone shaped high flow filter.

Open Cone High Flow Filter

Open cone high flow filters come in a variety of shapes and sizes, from small five inch cones to large ten inch cones. They all have the same function, to allow more air into the car’s intake manifold allowing for greater horsepower output by increasing airflow through the cylinders.


One drawback is that both open and closed high flow filters can create a whistling or moaning noise that varies with the speed of the vehicle. This noise is created when airflow is obstructed by either an incorrect installation or poor cone design. However, in most cases this issue can be resolved simply by adding a thin strip of foam rubber to the edge of the filter and securing it in place with black electrical tape.

Closed High Flow Filter

A closed high flow filter functions much differently than an open cone filter. It uses a sealed box that houses the air filter and all incoming air passes through just one small opening. This forces all of the air passing through to pass through your filter, which is typically a more efficient design.


The open cone design is not as efficient as a closed design because it allows unfiltered air to pass around the sides of the filter making less than optimal contact with the cone. In addition, an open cone will be more likely misshape or bend under high velocity which can reduce its ability to filter air.

Use Of High Flow Filter

As they contain a restrictive mesh material that only allows enough space for air to pass through at higher speeds. This is what makes it possible for the air to flow into the engine through both an open and closed cone filter. The mesh material can move out of the way when large enough amounts of air need to pass through.


There are many benefits for adding a high flow filter to your car. Such as added horsepower and torque throughout the entire RPM range. The most common reason people choose a high flow filter is because it increases airflow.

How to choose a High Flow Air Filter?

A high-performance air filter is an important upgrade that can improve engine performance and even gas mileage. A cone high-performance air filter does not need to be replaced as often as a regular air filter. Which saves you money in the long run. A high-performance air filter will also give your car more power and torque throughout the entire RPM range. We recommend you start with a cone high-performance air filter and then add an intake if you need more power. You can add an intake to help your engine breathe better for years after you upgrade to a high-performance air filter.

Why not the Purolator Pure ONE?

There is no reason not to choose the Purolator Pure One High Performance Air Filter. It provides maximum horsepower and comes at a great price. Making it the best choice for most people looking for an upgrade to their stock air filter. Also note that this particular engine air filter comes with all required installation hardware which includes new O-rings, wire mesh and new steel retainers.