Unintentionally pregnant women are increasingly poorly cared for

Get Abortion pill in Dubai

Get Abortion pill in Dubai


Doctors who perform abortions are coming under increasing pressure. Section 219a of the Criminal Code largely forbids them to provide information about their method. Fewer and fewer medical professionals want to perform abortions by Get abortion pills in Dubai.

I’m installing pregnancy apps on my phone. Not because I’m pregnant – that was a long time ago for me.

“On the first day after fertilization, the first cell division begins when the fertilize egg divides,” the app explains to me. “Four to five days after fertilization, the cell groups have already divide into 21-64 cells and are called blastocysts.”

I am more interested in the images that accompany pregnant women today. About what happens in and with your body during pregnancy. And I’m interest in what options will open up for her is Get abortion pills in Dubai?.

“In the following 8-9 months the egg develops into a functional human.”

According to the trade magazine Lancet, there were around 73 million abortions worldwide between 2015 and 2019. In Germany there have been a little more than 100,000 in each of the past three years – around one in 200 women of childbearing age had an abortion.

My friend, who would like to be call Susanne, and I were two of these women in the late 1990s:

“Do you remember what it was like when you knew you were pregnant?” I ask her. 

“That was not good news,” says Susanne. “ still remember that. I wasn’t happy. Was rather extremely upset and thought: Oh God, now I have to think about it first. And with you? ”

“ I know that I went to a gynecologist and that she said to me: Yes, there is no doubt about the pregnancy. And that I thought for a second: Oh look, I’m pregnant. That’s really a thing! And only then thought: Oh God, but this is so inappropriate now and so not what I would now want to tackle as a point in life. “

Not really a free decision

Women often notice their pregnancy between the fourth and sixth week of pregnancy.

“By week five, your baby will be about the size of a sesame seed. The former inner cells of the blastocyst begin to rearrange themselves. They form the small embryo and the precursors to its organs. During this time, your baby’s circulatory system begins to develop. And his heart beats. “

For women who are unsure whether they actually want to have a child – or who are sure that they definitely don’t want it – it becomes clear now at the latest: The decision about it is not a really free one. Not even in 2020.

Criminal Code, Section 16, Offenses Against Life.

Paragraph 218, Paragraph 1: Anyone who terminates a pregnancy is punish with imprisonment for up to three years or with a fine.

One of the choices – abortion – is a criminal offense. For those who do not want to be punish, time is running out for them.

Because according to paragraph 218a Stubs, the offense of paragraph 218 is not realize if

1.) the pregnant woman requests the termination of pregnancy Get abortion pills in Dubai and has proven to the doctor by means of a certificate in accordance with Section 219, Paragraph 2, Clause 2 that she receive advice at least three days before the operation,

2.) the termination of pregnancy is carry out by a doctor and

3.) no more than twelve weeks have pass since conception.

The time pressure is enormous

“Did you talk about this with many of your friends at the time?” Asks Susanne. 

“No, only with you,” I say.

She ask the people she talk to not to tell anyone else, says Susanne: “Well, for me it was so that I thought it was also a bit disreputable or not really socially accept. You have to justify yourself for it. I’m still studying, but somehow  that doesn’t work now. Well, I already felt the pressure. “

You are also under time pressure! “Then you will be told yes: you are in the ninth week or something, that means you somehow still have three weeks. And everything must have happen there. So, you must have made the appointments, you must have gone there and so on. And because it was clear that I want to tackle this now, I found that there was simply no need to have a lot of conversations. “

get abortion pills in Dubai

Find a state-approve advice center, make an appointment, get advice. Then find a doctor to perform the abortions at Abortion pills in Dubai online, make an appointment. And find out about the costs:

“A demolition costs between 200 and 570 euros depending on the practice, method, income and insurance”.

Arrange the takeover with the health insurance company. Maintain the termination date. At the earliest on the fourth day after the consultation. Before that, a preliminary talk. Besides that, everyday life, work, possibly organizing a family, taking sick leave or taking vacation. At the end of the 1990s, Susanne and I were busy with that for a good two weeks. And it hasn’t gotten any easier.


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