Varieties of Tea In India – You Should Try at Least Once

chai is the most drunk beverage in India. After a hectic working day, a late rainy afternoon, or a chilling in the evening. Having a hot cup of Tea is vital because most of us wish to drink more than a cup. A hot cup of Tea is recalled as a cup of comfort. Tea is the best buddy for most Indians that pulls us away for a rest when we are tired from work. Tea is also the one that brings relative members together during the evening. Then, all you have is a peaceful and cosy time to spend with your family.

Most of us have had and heard around ‘adrak chai’ (Ginger Tea), ‘tulsi chai’ (Basil Tea), ‘kali chai’ (Black Tea), ‘elaichi chai’ (Cardamom Tea), ‘masala chai’ (Spice Tea) etc. Apart from this, we have to prepare land for cultivation purposes with the help of good tractors like Massey Ferguson 241 DI MAHA SHAKTI and others. It can help in better germination.

But here are a few kinds of Tea that numerous of us have not tasted (and even not attended about) yet, but we should try one time in a lifetime.

Kashmiri Noon Chai

A tea that arrives with a magical fragrance of cardamom and saffron along with a nutty crunch. It has a thick, rich & creamy, buttery and slightly thick texture. It tastes like a milky dessert with a cosy, sweet, dense, creamy taste.

The Tea is a delicious variety derived from Kashmir and has elements like high-quality green Tea, cardamom seeds, milk, saffron strands, baking soda, salt, water and sugar to taste. You required to try this pink Tea once in a lifetime for sure to feel the satisfying taste and consistency.

Golden Turmeric Chai

The healthiest and full of turmeric coloured, the golden turmeric Tea consists of a recipe with several medicinal effects and is excellent for both the body and the senses.

A cup of this Tea is filled with some relaxing, earthy flavours and has a delicious taste that hits an ideal balance between sweet and spicy. Adding turmeric powder, milk, cinnamon, cloves, ginger, ground pepper, black tea leaves/powder, water, and sugar to taste is all needed to make this Tea.

Chocolate Chilli Chai

This recipe should be on your list for people who like to experiment with unique flavours that would create a cup of Chai with a unique mix of ingredients. The mixture of chocolate’s sweetness and some spicy chilli powder leads to a strange flavour that you should feast on your taste buds.

The components include Black tea leaves/powder, bits of dairy-free chocolates, red chilli powder, ground nutmeg, cloves, cardamom, ground cinnamon, star anise, milk, water and sugar to taste.

Apple Cinnamon Chai

The fruity flavour from the apples leads to a rich cup of Tea when thrown into the combination of healthy Indian spices like elaichi. Finally, a cup of Tea full of subtle sweet tones and a solid spicy aroma brings up an excellent hot beverage to nestle in bed with on a crisp fall day.

To taste, the ingredients loaded with tea leaves or powder, honey, minced apples, cinnamon, cardamom, ground pepper, ginger, milk, water, and sugar.

Caramel Chai

A cup of Tea that comes up with a caramel taste is all you need to try. But, then, you don’t have to order dessert whenever you desire sugar intake. Instead, make some steaming cup of caramel chai, which is sufficient to satisfy your cravings.

Make some caramel chai adding up your unique toppings that range from whipped cream to salted caramel sauce. If the recipe is too sweet for your taste, add some spices. Ingredients used are black tea leaves/bags, caramel, cloves, cinnamon, crushed ginger, cardamom, ground pepper, milk, water and sugar to taste.

Kesar Masala Chai

The most enjoyable take on the staple chai, this recipe comes with subtle Saffron flavours and enticing spices. The addition of Kesar gives this ChaiChai a serene orange colour and the ability to calm symptoms of anxiety and depression and enhance healthy weight loss. The recipe results in a royal looking cup of Tea packed with soothing aromas and an exotic chai flavour.

Sulaimani Chai

Supposed to have had Arab origins and popularised in Kerala, Sulaimani chai is easy to make at home recipes that give you a large cup of warmth in recovery. Peak summer or a freezing day, a cup of Sulaimani chai makes for an excellent complement across all types of weather. This recipe takes also gets to your mug a heap of strange, rich tastes, all of which lend this Tea a tasty, ambrosial flavour.

Jaggery (gud) Ginger Chai

Swapping the generally used tea sweetener of white sugar with some classic Indian jaggery leaves you with a fragrant cup of ChaiChai that has a deep, earthy flavour. This formula might need a bit of method and copious amounts of patience to master since there’s the upcoming risk of your tea curdling when you add jaggery to hot milk. To make an original cup of good wali chai, it’s highly advised that you use jaggery and add it when the Tea has been steamed, strained and left to chill for a bit. However, the numerous health benefits of this simple sweetener swap are worth it as an extended-term practice. Just begin Chai farming and use some excellent machines like Massey Ferguson 1035 DI and others to get more efficient work.

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