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Vinyl Panels are a Long Term Solution for Your Restaurant Walls

If you have been running a restaurant for a long time or are about to launch one recently, you might be completely aware of what makes it exclusive and successful. Apart from consistently delivering top-notch quality food, hiring top-rated chefs, and selecting the choicest menu, owners must maintain a clean and visually-appealing interior. Hygienically clean restaurants not only help you secure yourself as a professional entrepreneur but can also prove handy when broadening your clientele base.

Customizable PVC Restaurant Panels Create a Statement-Making Interior

Duramax offers ½ inch-thick customizable panels with 16-inch fixed widths. The panels are pre-cut precisely before installation to ensure a seamless finish. Their white and seamless finish makes PVC restaurant wall panels contribute towards an aesthetically appealing restaurant interior. FRP panels are available in many colors but easily get discolored and fade with time. The invisible fasteners add to the panels’ look and make them blend with all types of restaurant interiors easily.

Easy to Clean Panels Ensure You Dedicate More Time to Business

FRP panels are available with a rough and rugged surface which is difficult to clean. 100% vinyl-made panels from Duramax have a smooth surface that can be cleaned multiple times without the fear of moisture or water infiltration. The surfaces are easy to clean, and keep your restaurants disinfected and sanitized all the time. By covering the walls with sturdy and durable panels, you need not have to lose your sleep over germ elimination. Besides, they can also be cleaned with industrial cleaning agents with zero chances of damage, thanks to their chemical-resistance properties.

Mold and Mildew Resistance Means You Experience Fully Sanitized Restaurants

Eliminating mold and mildew in restaurants can blow a hole in your pocket. In most cases, FRP becomes a harboring ground for mold and mildew, given how they allow moisture and water to seep beneath their surface. However, crevice-free restaurant panels are designed to arrest moisture, ensuring a highly-hygienic environment for chefs, workers, and clients. Unfortunately, plastic panels don’t offer this kind of environment, which makes them unsuitable for humid areas.

Durable Restaurant Panels Last Till an Eternity

The USA-manufactured commercial restaurant wall panels are designed using truss technology, making them durable. Since the panels don’t react to moisture, condensation, and water vapor, they can last 4-5 times longer than FRP. Once you have installed the panels inside your restaurants, you need not think any further about replacing them. Moisture-resistant panels can last for around 100 years without callbacks. Besides, restaurant walls are also subject to accident abuses and blow, but vinyl-made panels are impact-resistant, adding to their lifespan.

Using Vinyl Panels is the Ideal Way of Waterproofing Your Restaurant

Restaurants are highly-sensitive places where even the slightest bacterial and germ infestation can cost you unsurmountable losses. Furthermore, it also undergoes quality inspection, failing which might lead you to shut it down forever. Investing in waterproof restaurant wall panels is the easiest way out of this hassle. The water-resistance power of the panels makes them an ideal wall covering for such commercial spaces.

Despite staying in contact with heat from food preparation, oil spillage, and water vapor, restaurant PVC walls don’t give any damage. The odor-resistant panels also keep your restaurant interiors smelling fresh and not like meat and veggies. 

Save Time on PVC Panel Installation

Installing FRP panels is a massive task, and you need help from a couple of professional laborers and certain materials. Besides, it is time-consuming, implying that you might have to keep your business shut and face loss. However, things aren’t the same with vinyl panels. Including an interlocking tongue and groove system makes the entire procedure easy and simple for entrepreneurs. You need not look for any experienced contractor; even a single novice laborer will do. The overall time for PVC panel installation is between 7-8 hours, which means you can get them done between business hours without having to deal with downtime. ASTM-certified panels save you 40% on labor and 50% on material costs.

Make Your Restaurant Look Spacious and Well-Lit

The bright white surface of the PVC panels makes your restaurant look more spacious than before. Restaurants need adequate lighting not only to help customers have their food but also to help chefs prepare and garnish the food with sheer precision. The right lighting is also important to keep the interior décor top-notch. PVC panels’ light distribution quality saves you utility costs and ensures the interior looks illuminated. One can paint the panels using PVC-graded paint, though they don’t need it for regular upkeep. A simple wipe-down with a soaked cloth keeps your investment brand new for years. 

PVC vs. FRP: Which is More Budget-Friendly?

 PVC panels differ from FRP panels in various ways, and the cost is a differentiating factor. FRO panels look cheaper initially as they cost around $70. However, PVC panels are available at $84. The low cost makes entrepreneurs fall for FRP. But it doesn’t promise you savings. PVC restaurant wall coverings prove economical in the long run as they save you on energy consumption, labor and material cost, and transportation cost. In addition, the FDA-compliant panels meet ASTM and CFIA certifications and are just an appropriate option for humid interiors. FRP panels aren’t even durable and can last only for 35-40 years. 

Duramax’s plastic panels can last several years without requiring you to repair or replace them. The 20-year supplier in the market also offers a $25,000 money-back replacement guarantee. Being water-resistant, the panels make for an ideal one-time replacement. The highly flexible and versatile PVC panels have numerous applications and are made of antibacterial coating, which makes them favorable for commercial areas like restaurants.

Coming across conventional FRP commercial panels inside restaurants is common. FRP has always been a popular choice amongst restaurateurs, especially because of its initial low cost. However, they cannot match the brilliance of PVC restaurant wall panels. So instead, waterproof vinyl wall coverings from Duramax are made using truss technology to last long.

But is it worthwhile installing the vinyl wallboard inside restaurants?

Stay Away from Oil, Food, and Grease Splatter

From the time of installing vinyl wall panels, you experience convenience and ease in business. Restaurant interiors must have the appeal to draw customers. Unfortunately, the slightest oil and food spills stains can result in unsightly wall aesthetics. Besides, they toughen up your job for maintenance. The rigid FRP panels make it even more difficult. Plastic washable panels come with a bright smooth surface that doesn’t attract microbes and bacteria. You must maintain a flexible cleaning schedule and invest half of your business hours in scrubbing the walls.

A simple and occasional wiping with cleaning agents and a damp cloth is just what you need to maintain lean and hygienic wall surfaces for years. 

Experience Superior Performance from PVC Vinyl Panels

Duramax’s USA-made vinyl panels are manufactured using raw vinyl, which adds to their durability. Plus, they are designed to deliver high performance. Just cover the walls with vinyl wall cladding and enjoy all the benefits. Over time, moisture and heat from constant cooking result in FRP’s degradation. More so, the adhesive that adheres to the plastic falters. Even moisture and water get trapped beneath the layers. As a result, the panel goes through severe discoloration.

With humidity-resistant plastic panels, you need not worry about moisture infiltration. This further stops mold and mildew growth. Your long-term requirement of replacing them is eliminated. Plus, you also get hygienically clean dining interiors easily.

Get the Combination of Durability and Strength from Washable Panels

ASTMM-certified PVC panels are always better than FRP, given how they are 4-5 times more long-lasting. In addition, the impact and abuse-resistant panels remain strong despite constant bruises and abuses from furnishings, heavy equipment, and food carts. The presence of raw vinyl is what makes them powerful.

Easy to Install and Lightweight Panels

Despite being lightweight, the panels are strong and easy to install. Including an interlocking tongue and groove, the mechanism makes the process even easier and quicker. Ease of handling also means that the transportation cost involved is minimal. In addition, unlike FRP wall panels that require professional laborers’ help, PVC panels can be installed directly on the walls using studs and invisible fasteners.

Duramax has been leading the market in supplying premium-grade FDA-compliant PVC panels. The scratch-resistant panels can outlast FRP and are degrade-proof, which means they wouldn’t deteriorate even after being exposed to heat and water.

Keep the Health Standards High in Commercial Kitchens with PVC Wall Panels

Duramax’s USA-manufactured PVC wall panels are specifically designed for easy and quick installation using one labor. Its lightweight features make transportation of the panels easy and low-cost. Besides, its unique characteristics of withstanding moisture and water make them a perfect fit for commercial kitchens, given how there’s no scope for mold and mildew growth. FRP kitchen wall panels aren’t worth the investment because they last only a short time, easily delaminate, and get damaged because of moisture absorption. The ASTM-certified panels are also excellent for fireproofing your kitchen, especially because of their Class A, 1-hour, fire-resistant grade. Just order the panels and get them shipped to your location within two weeks. The easy-to-install kitchen PVC panels offer the convenience of simple maintenance with a damp cloth and mild cleaning agents. Call us right away to learn more about our wall-covering material.


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