Vitiligo is no more an obstacle in marriage (vitiligo matrimony)

vitiligo matrimony

Vitiligo matrimony Marriage is a new phase of life that brings with it new experiences, responsibilities, and a feeling of fulfillment.

But above all, marriage is the beginning of a life-long emotional. It’s the spiritual bond of love and companionship with your spouse.

Love prevails in all situations, and, marriage goes beyond superficial things like physical attractiveness. This is because it is more about the emotional connection. In marriage, you wish to feel accepted, loved, and cared for by your spouse where she/he goes beyond the skin color and loves you for who you are as a person. That’s why, in the long run, a cosmetic skin condition like vitiligo should hardly matter for prospective vitiligo brides and vitiligo grooms. But, unfortunately, the white spots on the skin can be a major obstacle in matrimonial discussions.

Vitiligo Matrimony: Always better to find someone in the same boat

vitiligo matrimonyvitiligo is a cosmetic skin condition that is neither life-threatening nor contagious. In short, it only affects the skin of the person.

But as we know, the meaningless obsession of our society with physical appearance has stigmatized vitiligo.

Such rubbish myths and taboos are made about vitiligo such as it’s infectious, can decrease the life expectancy and what not.

All these misconceptions make the person with vitiligo face unnecessary embarrassment and challenges in various aspects of life.

Although, As times have passed, people have become more open-minded and the stigma around vitiligo has reduced in the workplace and educational institutions.

But when it comes to marriage, the situation is still pretty much as earlier.

We stigmatize people with skin conditions and it’s not their fault

The stigma and incomplete knowledge about vitiligo have led to people becoming reluctant to consider aspiring brides and grooms with vitiligo.

People often overlook other important qualities required for marriage and only vitiligo dominates.

This is not just sad but unjust also. These disparities faced by people with vitiligo result in poor self-image and their eagerness to search for love fades.

All this causes an unnecessary delay in marriage. And people with vitiligo often have to compromise a lot in choosing their marriage match because of their skin condition.

Even if they manage to find a match and get married, their vitiligo-borne problems are still there.

Just like the other people of the society, it is often seen that their spouse’s parents and family members are also ignorant of the non-harmful nature of vitiligo. Hence, misbehave with them and make them feel lesser and unwanted. Such a disappointing experience can lead to emotional stress and trauma. Ironically, stress further aggravates vitiligo.

Just because a person has vitiligo, doesn’t mean they have to go through all this.

That is exactly why we came up with!

Marriage is a relation where husband and wife are meant to understand and respect each other.

So, if both the partners have similar skin conditions and life experiences, this commonality would help them understand each other better. It will help to eliminate the baggage of vitiligo forever as they are their journey of togetherness. connects people with skin conditions for matchmaking

We at DermaMatrimony believe that your skin condition should be the last thing to prevent you from discovering a compatible match.

What is is a one-of-a-kind matrimony site that helps people with similar skin conditions to meet over a safe matchmaking platform and start their journey of love!

It assists people with skin conditions so that the issues like vitiligo, scars, psoriasis don’t stand in their path of a happy marriage.

It is an inclusive platform and if you do not have any skin conditions but believe that skin conditions are not a parameter for marriage, you are welcome to join this platform!

We at believe love is a feeling far beyond how we look, and we want to help every one of you to feel this magic!

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