Ways To Level Up Your Unboxing Experience with Custom Packaging Boxes


The unboxing Experience is very important for a business as it can either give a positive or negative impression of a brand. Brands invest so much in marketing and branding services. The unboxing can play a crucial role as well. When a brand hires an influencer for an unboxing video that time the brand is actually spending from its marketing budget because that unboxing experience will be shared with the rest of the world and there will be a big audience that would watch the video. The audience can actually engage with you during your unboxing video. You should have the product and brand presented well on the box and all the required additional information that needs to be placed. Try to utilize even small leftover places on the box but at the same time take care that you do not make it look too much. We are going to discuss different ways to level up your unboxing experience with custom packaging boxes. So, let’s begin.

Enhanced Finishing of the Box

When a product is bought, what do you think is the first thing that the customer encounters? It’s the packaging box of the product. The first impression is the last impression. This is because the customer encounters the packaging before the product itself. So, it is very important to keep the packaging attractive. But the question is how? Enhance the finishing of the box. Do not use simple and rough boxes with simply a logo. You are a business that is spending to promote the product to generate sales. You cannot be using a simple box at all. Make the box have a shining effect using gloss, or if you just want to keep it simple and do not want the printed elements to shine you have the option.

And if you are confused between shining and non-sheng opt spot UV

This would give you a rather in-between of gloss and matte. Finishing is very important as when the influencer makes an unboxing video your brand packaging is placed on the front and during the entire video the box is visible to the audience. And if you have a box that does not even look, how do you think will you be able to make a sale? So, make sure to have a polished box with good finishing.

Use of Colorful Tissue Paper

The use of colorful tissue paper can create a positive attraction. But it also depends on the product. You can not use tissue paper for a smartphone brand unboxing. So, it entirely depends on the product. The use of tissue paper looks attractive and beautiful.

Presence of Useful Information

Your brand’s packaging should have the brand and product-related information that needs to be mentioned on the box. let’s explain this point with an example. In an unboxing video where an influencer is making an unboxing video for a smartphone brand, and your products box is placed in front of the camera where it becomes visible that the brand has placed all the relevant information at the back of the box. This would create a positive response and would help a lot.

Cards Can Play an Important Role

Another factor that most of the brands ignore is to place some sort of card. Now, it again depends on what type of product your brand is offering. There is a variety of cards that you can use. You can have a thank you card inside your packaging box that would help create brand loyalty because of the positive gesture you showed by thanking them. You can also use coupons that also come in the same category of cards.

Coupons are one of the very attractive measures to retain old customers and make them your permanent customers

People love to have some extra or special treatment. That is part of human nature. So, present them with these discounted coupons so they may come again.

Stickers A Way of Attraction

Stickers play an important role. How? Let’s discuss. Stickers can be used on the exterior of the box. Imagine your brand’s product is shown in an unboxing video and the box is sealed with a sticker that is your brand’s logo. This would look good and at the same time, it would make your brand remember-able.

Budget Improvement

Your product unboxing is very important so try making it as good as possible. If you are not paying attention to your packaging to enhance the unboxing experience then you need to think about it. You need to have a good budget. And don’t think that why to spend so much on the packaging. Packaging plays a very important role and is part of your marketing campaign, so improve your packaging for people who buy your products as it is the packaging they will see first.


Unboxing is very important for a brand. Never underestimate packaging as it can help a brand. Most unboxing videos and experiences sometimes fail when the box gives hard time to the people although the product was useful. This can be if after payment you get a rough box, don’t have the required information, or even when it becomes hard to open the box and the customer gets physical injuries. Consider the above-mentioned points and try to level up your unboxing with custom packaging boxes.