What are Some Great Home Office Storage Ideas

With a home office, it is important that you have a designated space to keep all your work-related items. A messy or cluttered home office can lead to stress and distractions from productivity. A clear workspace allows for focus on the material at hand.

The following 10 ideas will provide you with inspiration on how to make better use of your space for getting
office storage solutions at home.

  1. Items within your Work Zone 

Caddies are a great way to keep office supplies, folders, books, and other miscellaneous items in one place. By placing them next to or underneath your workspace, you can easily access what you need when you need it. Make use of a filing cabinet or a bookcase by placing your caddies on top of it.

  1. An Over-the-Door Hook 

Using the door as a way to hang bins is a simple yet functional office storage idea. You can store loose items such as paper clips, folders, notebooks, and more.

If you have cables for your computer, phone, or printer that are just lying around, try using an over-the-door hook to neatly organize them. Just make sure they aren’t too thick so they will fit on the hook!

  1. A Wall Mounted Magazine Rack 

This idea is perfect if you don’t have the space for a filing cabinet. A magazine rack can hold file folders, notes, and notebooks. Even if you use an over-the-door hook to hang it on your door, this is another great way to store loose papers in one place.

  1. Drawers or Bins under Your Desk 

If you have drawer space under your desk, why not put it to good use? You can store office supplies such as paper clips and pens. Or for a little more storage, add some bins. Just make sure that the items you place underneath won’t get in the way of your legs while sitting!

  1. Shoe Boxes to Store Loose Items

To create a file cabinet of sorts, all you need are some shoe boxes. You can label each box with the contents inside so that it is easy for you to retrieve what you are looking for. This may be an inexpensive option but will take some effort on your part to be the best office storage solution.

  1. An Expanding File to Store Documents

An expanding file is a great way to store loose papers. The portable design makes it easy for you to carry around with ease. You can even place it inside your desk drawer, on top of your caddies, or hang it by the door if you don’t want anything on your walls.

  1. File Trolley to Store Office Supplies

Using a file trolley is another way to organize your items. This can also be used as a desktop organizer, perfect for holding files, folders, notebooks, pens, and pencils.

  1. Baskets and Trays to Store Supplies

Baskets are a great way to store items that you need in an easy-to-reach location. You can place the baskets on your desk, hang them from a caddy, or attach them directly to your walls with adhesive hooks and pencils. They come in various colors so you can choose which one matches your personality or office furnishings.

9. Cabinet to Store Office Supplies 

A cabinet or bookshelf is perfect for storing office supplies and more. Just make sure that it doesn’t take up too much space since you do need some free space to move around your home office! You can also place awards, trophies, and other memorabilia on top of the cabinet as decor.

10.Plastic Organizer to Store Supplies

Plastic organizers and caddies are great for holding all your office supplies, such as paper clips and staples. You can use them at home by placing them under your desk or on your desk, or you can even take them with you when you travel.

11. Over-the-Door Hooks to Hold Your Stuff

You can make use of your space under the door by adding an over-the-door hook. This is perfect for hooks since they are small enough to fit underneath almost any door that has a space between the bottom of the door and the floor. You can hang mittens, scarves, hats, umbrellas, etc. Not only are these hooks practical but will help you save time too since do you have to search for your items anymore.

There are many office organizing solutions that you can use to get your home office into shape. The great thing is that you don’t have to spend a lot of money on organizing supplies like office storage furniture. You can make use of what you already have at home or what you need with the items in your house!

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