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What Are The 7 Tips To Maintain Air Conditioner

By maintaining your air conditioner on your own, you will save your money and resources.

As you may know, Ac needs professional maintenance over the years but there are a few things that need to be taken care of that helps your appliance to last longer. Here are 5 simple tricks for better functionality of your ac.

i.) Keep those Air Filters clean :

The Air Filter cleans the incoming air and refreshes it with fresh air. To maintain the hygienic air quality and improve the efficiency of your air conditioner, keep the air filters clean. Even if the air conditioner is operating, those filters gather dust, dirt, and particles. After every 2-3 months, wash your ac filter.

Warm running water can be used to clean your AC filter. Remove the filters from your air conditioner first, then clean them with warm water. This is the most effective method for cleaning your AC filter.

ii.) Clean those Clogged Drain Lines :

A portion of your ac is still exposed to outside units. Many things, such as dust, dirt, parasites, and so on, can gather there. Water might pool or drip within the machine, and the extra moisture makes the drain pipe a perfect candidate for algae and mold growth.

It can clog drains and be extremely hazardous because it degrades air quality. You must clean the drain tube on a regular basis to secure it. To access holes within the tube, use a narrow brush. Apart from consulting an Ac Repair in Chennai professional, you can keep everything clean and in order by flushing the drainpipe with bleach every now and then.

iii.) Check for leakage :

It’s vital to keep an eye on usual problems with an air conditioner while it’s functioning. For example, leaks from the unit, excessive noise, no cooling, insufficient airflow, and ice coils can all indicate that the air conditioner unit is malfunctioning.

You can always seek professional assistance and get your air conditioner checked. The technician inspects the pipes and tubes within the unit for any signs of leakage. This is important in order to avoid water leakage.

iv.) Get general servicing by air conditioner professionals.

Cleaning the air conditioner is a crucial task. Professionals should address it. Deep cleaning should be done by a professional. It’s important to understand when your DIY capabilities will come out beneficial and when you’ll need to hire a specialist. Attempting to repair something you don’t understand can result in more harm than good.

Hence it is always a good idea to have the contact information for a trustworthy air conditioner maintenance company always available. So you can contact them in times of emergency and something goes wrong.

v.) Check and Vacuum the air conditioner fins :

A condenser and an evaporator, both of which have fins, are found in every air conditioning system. These fins might bend over time, resulting in insufficient airflow. Check the fins of your air conditioner on a regular basis to make sure they haven’t bent and are still performing properly.

If you notice your fins are bending, you can use a fin comb to fix the problem or hire a professional air conditioning technician. Using a soft-bristle brush, vacuum the fins of your air conditioner. It’s worth noting that they’re delicate and can easily be bent or crushed.

To access them on many units, you’ll have to remove and lift a metal box. For instructions, check your instruction booklet, and remove the box carefully to avoid damaging the fins.

VI. )Examine the air conditioner thermostat.

Does your thermostat keep your home at your required temperature? Maybe you’re still using the traditional one. This shortens the operating lifetime of the air conditioner unit and cleans your pocket. Ditch the traditional model and switch to a programmable version to get easy control of your indoor temperature, whether or not you’re home. A programmable thermostat removes the human component. You just program the thermostat for the temperatures you wish at completely different times of the day. You economize and extend the lifetime of the ACS.

VII. )Regular skilled Maintenance of cooling

Maintaining your AC isn’t solely necessary for saving electricity bills but additionally to prevent equipment breakdowns. With correct maintenance from trained Ac Repair in Lucknow consultants, you’ll be able to enhance the operational potency of your AC in order that you and your family expertise the utmost level of comfort when it involves an air conditioner. Preventative maintenance doesn’t solely prevent your energy bills, however, it additionally improves the longevity of your AC.


Hopefully, the 5 simple tricks we’ve provided will assist you in keeping your air conditioning unit clean and efficient throughout the summer.