What are the benefits of the On-Demand Electrician App?

Electricity failures can occur at any time. And it is difficult to live a minute without electricity, especially if it’s the hottest day of the year, or when you’re cooking dinner and the lights go off. What to do, if such an electricity failure occurs in your household? Obviously, you’ll contact an Electrician. But do you know that there is a much easier way to hire an Electrician without manually calling or messaging them! Well, with On-Demand Thumbtack Clone App , you can hire an Electrician instantly!

Besides Instant Service, what are the other benefits of On-Demand Electrician App? Find out the other benefits in the following section! 


There isn’t one but a truckload of benefits of using an On-Demand Electrician’s App. Enlisted here are only a handful of them. 

Multiple Service Categories on One App

The App Users get to choose the Service Category depending on their needs. For example, if you want to get your fans repaired, and a couple of switches changed, then select ‘FANS’ and ‘SWITCH’ from the menu. Next, select the service type you want such as Repair, Wiring, or Installation. 

View ‘ONLINE’ Electricians on the Map 

The Gojek Clone App users can also view the electricians who are online at the moment. This Real-time tracking system makes it easy for the App Users to see who is nearby and can reach the location in the shortest time. 

The user can switch between the list view and map view accordingly! 

Read a short description about your Electrician 

You can also read a short description about the Electrician you’re about to hire on the On-Demand Service Apps itself. So, while you’re still viewing the Electricians on the Map, tap on pointers with their profile picture. A small pop-up screen will appear with the Electrician’s name, star ratings, and a brief description. 

On the same screen, you’ll see the ‘SEND REQUEST’ tab. Thus, by clicking on it, users can send a Service Request to the Electrician. 

Book Now or Schedule the Service 

One of the most unique options available on the Thumbtack Clone App is the instant service booking option. Herein, the users can get an instant Electrician’s Service by tapping on the button ‘REQUEST NOW’ Button.

Also, the users can opt to schedule the Services at a preferred date and time by choosing the ‘REQUEST LATER’ option. 

Confirm Service Booking by choosing a payment method

When confirming the Service Request, the user can choose one of the many payment options to proceed with sending the request. App Users can either choose a cash payment or pay via their Credit Card. 

As soon as the Electrician completes the job and clicks on the ‘COLLECT PAYMENT’ tab on the Service Provider’s App, money will automatically get deducted from the User’s Credit Card. If in case, it’s a Cash Payment, then the user needs to hand over hard currency to the Electrician. 

Mark the Electrician as your ‘FAVORITE’ 

After the Electrician completes the job and collects the cash, users can see a Feedback Page on the Screen. It is here when the User can rate the Service, give feedback by writing a review, and mark the Provider as ‘FAVORITE’. So, the next time they request for an Electrician using the Thumbtack App Clone, the marked Electrician will get a priority! 

Features of Our Thumbtack Clone App

  • Schedule Service
  • Quick Search
  • 360 Degree View
  • Chat & Assistance
  • Review & Ratings
  • Save Multiple Address
  • Multiple Payment Options
  • Real Time Tracking

How might I create an application like Thumb Tack?

To make a clone of the Thumbtack clone app, the strategy to follow will require you to reach out to versatile application improvement firms who comprehend the on-request home assistance industry back to front to assist you with totally understanding the highlights list and the necessary programming stack. Then you can begin fostering your application!


Well, these were a couple of benefits that you can seek while using an On-Demand Electrician’s App. On the other hand, even the Entrepreneurs investing to develop the On-Demand Service Apps can reap benefits right from Day One of the App Launch. 

These benefits will be high incomes, user engagement, and market expansion! So, every penny you spend on the App is worth it.