What are the differences between Smart TV and Android TV?

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Television is no longer an obsolete and dumb box that exists just because the older generations are there. If you explore the market, the smart television range keeps you all entertained and happy with the best range of applications and games. A smart television is more than a hazy, limited-channel set-up. It is a new era of entertainment with so much to explore and have fun. The two most developed technologies on television are smart television and Android television. If you decide to invest in television, you’ll need to make an investment in any one of these.

A smart television is open to all kinds of content and fun, while an Android television follows the Android operating system, and it will have content, games, and applications that are supported by Android. So, it is now easy to operate everything that you do on your smartphone on your smart and Android television. This flat screen has the power to turn your living room into a movie hall or a game parlor. Unlimited fun, unending access to entertainment, and the performance are beyond words when you choose. So, here’s a detailed explanation of the distinction between a smart television and an Android LED TV.

What is a smart television?

A smart television is a television that is no longer limited to a few hazy channels. It is integrated with the internet and you can do everything that you would do on your smartphone. A large flat screen one-stop solution is a hub for all kinds of entertainment. Fetch content from anywhere in the world and have fun without any boundaries. A smart LG TV connects lives with a luxurious viewing experience. A smart television can play any content, games, and applications as it is not supported by any particular operating system like iOS or Android.

What is an Android television?

Android TV is a smart TV operating system based on Android and developed by Google for television sets and digital media players. It is a smart television but with an Android operating system. This television will support only those features that are available in the Android operating system. You get games and applications that are available under the Android operating system and you will have complete access to the Play Store. You cannot download iOS games or applications.

What is the difference between smart television and Android television?

Amazing pictures:  When you go for smart television, you get excellent picture quality with 4k resolution, and ultra-high-definition pictures with IPS pictures will definitely win your heart. It feels luxurious watching where you can feel every picture and inch. The smart television is known for its picture-perfect image, and you can enjoy the large flat screen for any sort of show or video. It is a great experience and does not seem to be any less than a multiplex. An android television will focus more on a greater range of entertainment and less on picture quality. Android television is good for people with a good gaming spirit as they get an amazing range of entertainment and fun.

Gaming: If you enjoy playing games, you will love this real and amazing gaming experience when you get a smart television for your home. On a smart television, all the characters seem so real and amazing that you can not stop winning! This one will win your heart and keep your access to unlimited free games and downloads. For an Android television, you will get complete access to all the games in the Play Store. You have the Play Store to enjoy unlimited games from all over the world to access. Remember, with an Android television, you only get to play Android games and not iOS games.

Movies: Unlimited access to movies of various languages and types when you get a smart television. You would definitely love watching the movies on this flat LED TV. It gives you a cinematic mode and this is just perfect for a Sunday afternoon. When you get a smart television, you can download and play any movie that you want to. The Android television gets you a Play Store to download anything and enjoy the perfect movies. Android supports movies from all over the world, so you can enjoy them in the best way.

Download and browse the application! A flatscreen with real images and your favourite applications can be the best way to relax. A smart television opens you up to a world of an unlimited range of applications to explore and have fun. The Android television gives you an entire Play Store where you can download and play all the Android applications that you have always enjoyed on your phone. The experience on a large flat-screen television is immense and amazing.

Finishing up

The battle between a smart television and an Android TV will keep going. Get the best smart TV in India from LG, and they do have some top-selling Android LED TV models as well, all at an affordable price.


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