What Are The Things That Makes A Restaurant Good

steakhouse in the woodlands

What makes upscale restaurants good?

Is it the food, the atmosphere, or just the price?

For some people food is everything.

A restaurant can have beautiful decor and be located in a great area.

But if its menu isn’t up to par then most likely they won’t have customers for long.

If you walk into a public place expecting fancy things and low prices, I feel sorry for your lack of hope.

Also if you think that a restaurant is going to be good because of its high reviews chances are you will be wrong.

I’m not trying to sound negative but how many times have we been deceived by movie reviews or book reviews that turned out horrible?

Not saying that everyone who raves about a particular business is lying.

But there’s this saying that goes “if it’s too good to be true then it probably is”.

What I’m trying to get at here is that a restaurant can have a line out the door and still be a crappy place to eat.

A few months ago my family and I went out for dinner.

We had never been there before but since all our other options were closed we decided to give this new place a try.

The exterior of the building was very dull, with nothing eye-catching or inviting about its appearance.

We walked in and faced two pleasant hostesses who greeted us with big smiles on their faces.

Our waitress came over after only a minute which made me fear she would be rude.

Because of how quickly she approached us but her personality was welcoming enough that I didn’t even care.

The restaurant looked very nice with fancy chandeliers hanging from the ceiling.

Expensive-looking paintings on the walls, and many different types of plants all over the place.

I had a hunch that this would be an okay meal but I was definitely surprised by how good.

It actually was, my family enjoyed their meals as well which is rare since they are pretty picky eaters.

The great atmosphere or service can draw you in but if your food isn’t tasting so well then most people will lose their appetite quickly.

A lot of people don’t realize how big of an effect atmosphere has on taste because after all.

You can always order take-out if you know you’re not going to enjoy the place you’re at.

But when you spend money on a nice outfit, get your hair done.

And walk out the door feeling confident you want to go somewhere where you can compliment this self-image.

This is why restaurants usually have an appealing exterior so that their potential customers will feel excited about going there.

Fine dining establishments have a more relaxed atmosphere.

But they all have one thing in common no matter what type of cuisine they serve: fresh ingredients, unique flavors, and friendly staff.

When a restaurant offers meals that are already complete it has to work extra hard on making their dishes stand out from each other.

They need to ensure that whatever dish you order tastes very different from some of the other items on their menu.

If their beef stroganoff doesn’t taste too much different from the chicken parmesan then why would anyone bother ordering it?

This is why most restaurants cook up their meals with extra spices, sauces, and ingredients that will give each meal its own unique flavor.

Next time you get into an argument with your family over where to eat just remember how important good food is when deciding on a place.

It might not be the reason why you liked a certain restaurant.

But what you do know is that if they served crap for dinner there’s no way in hell you’d go back there.

Next time you find yourself in a debate with your family about where to eat, keep this information in mind.

The next time they ask “Why don’t we just go to that restaurant because it’s close”.

Or “I’m really craving Chinese food,” take the opportunity to tell them how much more flavor.

Their meal will have if they order something different from what everyone else is getting.

Which of these tips do you think would help make for an interesting blog post?

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