What Are The Top 5 Tips To Ensure Maintenance Of Playhouse

The playhouse is the right place for kids to express themselves. It is the place where kids build long-lasting memories. The playhouse should be safe and comfortable for your kids. If you want to see your kids busy and happy for several houses, then a well-maintained playhouse can help you. 

Inside the playhouse, kids stay happy and entertained for hours. It offers the perfect space for workouts, imagination, and creativity as well. You should install proper doors and windows in the playhouse to make it properly ventilated and visually appealing. Usually, 12×18 playhouse window is considered the right fit for the playhouse. This size of playhouse windows looks perfect and amazing.

But your playhouse needs maintenance so that you can keep it well-maintained for the entire year. In case, you are searching for some playhouse maintenance tips and tricks, then we recommend you to read the following points and implement them:

  1. Treat Your Playhouse Annually

If you have a playhouse in your backyard, then proper maintenance plays a very important role. Proper maintenance of the playhouse is very important to keep your playhouse secure from unpredictable climatic conditions. During the winter season, adverse weather conditions can lead to crack and split in the wood. On the other hand, during the summer season, harmful UV rays can convert timber into grey.  

One of the best ways to make sure that the playhouse looks better than others is to treat it annually. You should apply the wood preservative every year on your playhouse. This simple trick will increase the lifespan of your playhouse. Also, you should check doors and windows after passing of winter season. Sometimes, excessive snowfalls lead to damage to windows and doors and they need to be replaced. By doing so, it will secure your garden building against wood rot, insects, and harsh elements.

Make sure that the size of the new window and door should be similar to the old one so that these both can easily fit into the playhouse walls. If you have a 12×18 playhouse window, then you should choose 12×18 window glass for the right fit.

  1. Usual Maintenance

We have already mentioned that proper maintenance of the building can ensure that the playhouse will remain in good condition for many years. Therefore, you should do regular maintenance so that your kids can spend their time. You should pay attention to the playhouse structure.

Make sure that it is thoroughly cleaned and there is no debris inside the playhouse. Also, you should clean the piles of soil, plants, and leaves under the playhouse. Otherwise, they will become the reason wood rot. If there are any piles of leaves, soil, or plants, it’s best to clear them away as soon as possible. Also, keep your eyes on the moss and clear it right away.

You should regularly check the building structure and make sure that there is no wear and tear. You should fix the issues before they become the big problems.

  1. Ventilation

Even the child’s playhouse is not in use, then you should do its look after, especially during the cold winter season. Ventilation plays a very important role in removing and preventing excess moisture from the playhouse. We recommend you install 12×18 chicken coop window inside your playhouse to ensure the proper ventilation. If you will take care of the children’s playhouse during the winter season, then your playhouse will be ready for kids in the summer.

You should not leave soft toys such as stuffed animals inside the playhouse in the shivering cold winter season. When the soft toys will be exposed to moisture, then damp air will affect them.

  1. Nothing In Contact

Make sure that there is nothing in contact with the playhouse. There should be no wild plants, shrubs, or trees around the playhouse. If these are in contact with your playhouse, then moisture will affect your building and it will lead to a rotting process. Therefore, you should keep checking that there is nothing in contact with your playhouse.

  1. Decorate It

You should try to make your playhouse look like home. When your playhouse looks colorful and amazing, then your kids will love to spend their time inside it. You should decorate it in such a way that the aesthetics of your playhouse matches the décor of your house. You should do window treatment, add the right furniture, paint it with the appropriate color, and many more. 

If the window of the playhouse is broken, then you should immediately replace it with the new one. At 12×18 window home depotyou can easily find the right window for your playhouse. Put your efforts and decorate it in the best way possible so that you kids love to spend their time here. 

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