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What is a Duplex House? Everything you need to know About it

More and more people nowadays prefer duplex houses for their convenience in space occupation. Since you have two floors, one becomes the second living space for you to host guests. This article is about duplex house interior design ideas and how you can put them into use in creating a decoration scheme more suited to your needs.

What is a Duplex House?

A duplex house is a type of housing that consists of two units. It is most commonly used as a multi-tenant building, or to house a large family in one unit with parents living on the main floor, and the children living in a loft or second story. The term duplex can be used casually to refer to any building that has two dwellings. Even if it doesn’t technically meet the definition.

The term duplex usually refers to a residential building in which two apartments are stacked on top of each other. The bottom unit contains one or more bedrooms, while the top unit contains one or more bedrooms with an additional area for play, study, storage or another purpose. The word “duplex” is Latin for “double”.

Duplexes are also known as bi-level homes, double-deckers and maisonettes (in New Orleans). A “triple-decker” is three stories high and may be referred to as a triplex. There are many different variations of duplexes. Some have all of the same features; others have some different features.

It’s common for both units in a duplex to have separate entrances from the street and individual utilities such as gas, electric and plumbing lines.

Duplex House Types

House duplex is a new dwelling style with one or more units for living. For the design of this house. It is necessary to consider the conditions of existence and maintenance that is required because you need to create a balance between two parts. Therefore, in order to maintain the quality of a duplex apartment in Thrissur, it is best to use a universal one, that is appropriate for both modern and classic styles. By dividing the territory into two, automatically means that each side will have its own kitchen, bathroom, living room and bedroom.  There are 2 types of duplex houses:

Low-rise duplex

Low rise duplex house is a special type of home that is one of the best options for people who want to live in an apartment or studio at an affordable cost.

If we were to compare low-rise duplex home with others, then they would be very similar because they are all built on the same principle.

Low-rise duplex houses were built to solve some issues of high-density housing.

Ground duplex house

One type of duplex house plan worth checking out is the ground duplex plan. In this design, the first floor of the house is completely open with no walls separating it from the second floor. The second floor can be accessed from the main floor by stairs or a small elevator. This is a very functional design for many families and works especially well for those who have senior citizens in their families. Who may need to use an elevator for mobility purposes

Standard duplex house

The duplex house design varies from one place to another depending upon the area and location. But there are some standard duplex house designs that are used worldwide

Factors affecting the rooms in a duplex house 

There are many factors that affect the rooms in duplex houses. You should know them before choosing the interior design. Some factors need to be considered to make the room comfortable. The most important factor is the size of the room. The second factor is about the lighting of the room. It needs to be good for you to see everything well. A third factor is about furniture. The furniture needs to be matched with each other, and it also has to be comfortable for you to use. 

Duplex House Advantages

Here are some other advantages to living in a duplex:

Privacy: Duplexes give you the best of both worlds — the secluded feel of a single-family home mixed with the convenience of being close to neighbours. You don’t have to worry about feeling like you’re on display at all times, yet you’re still close enough to be friendly and social.

Cost: Duplex homes cost less than many similar-sized single-family homes, and they can result in lower property taxes. This is partly because the two units are not treated as two separate properties but rather one larger dwelling. Since they share components such as walls and heating systems. They can generally be built or renovated more quickly than two separate homes

More flexibility – If you have renters living in the other unit, it’s possible to rent both sides out and make more income than you could just by renting out your main part of the house. Also if one side goes vacant, you can live on one side while keeping the other rented out so you’re

Duplex House Disadvantages

Here are some other Disadvantages to living in a duplex:

Noise may come through common walls

Consider placing heavy furniture against these walls so that sound cannot penetrate them. If this doesn’t work, consider adding some soundproof materials to prevent any noise from passing through these walls.

Rare in India

The duplex homes are like a dream come true and are very rare in India. The duplex homes are far more spacious and leave you with ample choices to make your home look and feel larger. You get double the benefits of a luxury home without compromising on the space. The duplex homes can also bring in extra income for you if you wish to put your spare rooms for rent.

hard to get a tenant

It is also true that you would find it hard to get a tenant for a duplex house. However, there are many ways to make sure that the duplex house you have built would be in demand by the tenants