What is Quoting Software? What are Its Features & Benefits?


What is Quoting Software? What are Its Features & Benefits?

Sometimes, winning over new customers can be a very difficult task for businesses. The only thing that various businesses have full control over is their sales processes, and that’s where quoting software can be helpful. Businesses get the opportunity to improve their profit and sales processes by automatic and efficient creation of sales and proposals quotes. Software features like e-signature and quote creation, will allow you to serve all your customers in a better way, and also make it easier to complete routine sales tasks faster.

A quoting software: what it actually does

Quoting software is a kind of CPQ or configure price quote software that gives extra importance to the RFP or request for proposal and proposal stages of the entire sales process. The main function of these quick quote software is to automatically create proposals and quote, also doing these tasks in less time without mistakes. The software allows you to generate proposals and quotes in multiple file formats.

They can also be shared via multiple channels. The software allows users to convert quotes into invoices . And offers the option to manage contracts with e-signatures or digital agreements. With the help of quoting software, businesses are enabled to spend extra time on clients as well as other types of strategic tasks instead of manual management of proposals and paperwork. This in turn means smoother sales processes, faster quotes as well as happier and satisfied customers. 

Features of quoting software:

  • Quote creation: Users can send and create proposals and quotes by using integrations with other tools. This allows users to access data such as inventory, sales pricing, and contact lists.
  • Custom quotes: Pre-built templates are available that can be filled with customer details, logos, and other particular information. This will result in an accurate as well as a professional quote for your business or company.
  • Status updates for quotes: This allows you to keep track of the quotes that are sent, received, viewed, and accepted. Many vendors offer clients the option to accepted . Decline or comment on the sent quote without the need for follow-up emails.
  • Can turn quotes into invoices: This pulls information directly from the quotes and then creates a new invoice. This allows sales to run smoothly and reduces the risk of human errors. 
  • Online payments and e-signatures: This allows you to close sales faster by allowing you to complete tasks online, such as accepting and paying for the quote.

How is quoting software beneficial?

Although the benefits offered by quoting software are numerous, some of the most significant of them are mentioned below.

    • Improves the performance of the sales team: It enables the sales reps to get through with more invoices and proposals in a short time by eliminating expenditure response times and errors. As a result, more time can be allot to customer service and various other business activities.
    • It increases accessibility: Cloud-based quoting software allows users to generate quotes from anywhere, whether they are at work or away. Accessibility increases flexibility and speeds up sales cycles, increasing revenue and reducing costs.
  • Brand building: By enabling users to add logos, colours, and other types of iconographies that will help customers identify your business, the customizable quote templates can help you in building your brand. Moreover, quoting software for small business can help them build a strong brand image by automating pricing processes.

Therefore, it can be say that quoting software can give your business a boost. However, before choosing the right software, it’s vital that you consider your specific business needs and other important factors.


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