What to do when printer not connect the wifi?

The printer machine of the Brother is equipped with 802.11N Wi-Fi technology. It adapts to wireless settings very quickly. When you connect the wifi brother printer to the network. It will then save those settings. In the future, if you reboot the printer it will connect automatically to the network.

However, sometimes my brother’s printer doesn’t be able to connect with the network. If the user tries to connect the printer through an unmanaged wireless connection. They are displayed, unable to attach to the network, or the Wi-Fi setup failed error.

What is the reason brother printer connecting wlan stuck?

In general, the printer isn’t connecting to the WIFI due to an insufficient WIFI security issue or weak signal issue. In addition, it could also be due to many other causes such as

  • The printer is 8 meters from where the printer is.
  • It is possible that the network configurations are wrong.
  • The wireless password isn’t valid.
  • The issue with printer firmware. Firmware issue with the router.

If you are unable to connect your Brother printer to the WIFI then follow the tips below to resolve the WIFI setting issue.

How do I fix Brother printers that won’t connect to WIFI?

Step 1: Reboot the devices

  • Power off the printer.
  • Turn out the access point(router) as well.
  • Now turn On the Devices One at one.
  • After the printer has come in the back of its screen we can try reconnecting the printer to the Wi-Fi.

Step 2: Keep the printer near to the router:

A standard Wi-Fi router transmits the signals within a 10-meter limitation only. The printer should be further than 8 meters from the router. The signal quality will be below.

  1. In this case, the printer of the brother will be disconnected from the WIFI.
  2. In this case, it is necessary to put your printer near the WiFi access point (router) and then connect with your WIFI network.

Step 3: Reset the network settings:

If your device was previously connected to WIFI, however, it will not connect to the network after changing the wireless password of the router. It’s a sign that you need to reset the network settings.

It is trying to join the network profile that was previously used. This is the reason the connection is not working. To fix this issue the network settings must be reset. the settings for your network.

  • We’ll turn on the Brother printer.
  • Use the menu or home key to activate it.
  • Select the Network option by pressing the up and down arrow keys.
  • If you’ve got an LCD touch screen then hit the next button to get there.
  • Choose to open the Network Reset option.
  • Then, press the 1 or Yes button on the reset network pop-up.

After that, the printer machine completes the process of resetting its network. Do you have to connect with the WIFI?

Step 4- Use WPS Feature

  • WPS (wireless secured setting) is my favorite way to connect my Printer to WIFI.
  • To make use of this feature, both equipment (printer as well as the router) must be compatible with WPS.
  • If the printer of your brother doesn’t join the WIFI with this network-related key.
  • This feature can be used to connect to the internet.
  • There are two ways to connect via WPS:

Push-button method

  • Press the menu on the printer brother.
  • Connect to the network, and then press the OK button.
  • Use the down key to open the WLAN option, then press the OK button.
  • Choose the WPS option and click OK.
  • Press the button again.
  • Visit the router, and then press the WPS button as well.

Then, leave the devices unattended for between 100 and 120 minutes. They will be synced.

Pin Method:

  • Return to your WPS choice on your printer.
  • Click using the Pin method.
  • Enter the WPS pin, which is accessible in the router.
  • Click the OK button.

Step 5: Update the printer’s firmware:

If you own an older printer that hasn’t been changing the firmware for an extended time. This can cause the Brother printer isn’t coalescent to the WIFI issue.

In this instance, it is necessary to look for the latest firmware update. If you discover the latest versions of your firmware. It’s possible to do this immediately.

Does your printer from brother not connecting to the internet as of now? Change these settings on the router?

If you’ve made the modifications to the printer of your brother but it isn’t connecting to the WiFi. The problem could be located on the outside. Change these settings to the router.

  • Set the wireless channels to the normal mode 9 or 11:
  • Open the router administrator panel on your computer.
  • Select the settings for wireless.
  • Choose the wireless channel to be 9 or 11. Press the button to apply changes.
  • Install the WEP encryption to ensure security.

Once you’ve change your wireless channels, it is recommend to change the encryption type well. Since certain printers are using those Atheros adapters, these adapters may be incompatible with the WPA or WP2 encryption. Therefore, if you’re currently using WPA or WPA2 security, you should switch to WEP 64.

  • Restart the router admin panel of your device.
  • Connect to wireless security.
  • Select the encryption type as WEP64 bit.
  • Now, you can generate a brand new network key.
  • Make sure to apply them to make the changes.

After you have to change the type of encryption, attempt to establish the wireless connection on the device Check to see if the brother printer is coalescent to the internet or not?

Reset the router

If you’ve made changes to these settings on your router, but it hasn’t helped you fix the issue. You must reset your router. If you want to reset it, hold the reset button for 32 seconds. You can also visit the settings for administrative purposes on the router’s panel, and click on the button to restore factory settings. Set the router up from start. Join the wireless name to the printer by using the updated credentials.