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What’s the 5 keys to luxury hair extension packaging boxes?

Women are the most beautiful creatures in the world and they have special beauty by which they can attract others. In that sense, they further use cosmetics and other skincare products, it is a major need in their life. Hairs are a part of their personality, they make them appear different every time they change their hairstyle or color because of luxury hair extension packaging.

Nowadays, it’s not an issue to have short, long, curly, or straight hair because hair extensions are the solution. Hair extensions are available in every form, style, and color.

Additionally, the protection of such luxury and expensive products is also easy because of their luxury hair extension packaging. These are special homes designed for them so that they will be long-lasting. Here some hair extension boxes’ types are as follows:

1. Pull Out Like Drawer Boxes

Luxury hair extension packaging has several types as per their requirement of protection. One of these boxes is like a drawer. When boxes look like a box and open like a sideways drawer are truly incredibly attractive and have the ability to get the attention of the customers. These boxes get open fast and easily.

They are not just tough but also provide the maximum safety required. This is such an amazing packaging box that they present the product very well when opened and the product is lying in the box. They are beneficial in a way that they are not costly and also add-ons don’t cost separately.

2. Long Flap Boxes

Luxury hair extension packaging has different types and so does their packaging. Long extensions can be stored or packed in horizontal boxes or drawer-type boxes. They are simply custom boxes for hair extension but personal use. Even rectangular long boxes have enough space to adjust the extension properly with a stand.

They look nice and also have complete protection, they can also be packed in narrow long boxes. Such packaging boxes have a die-cut on the top which make them seen easily by the customers. By looking inside the box, they can match the color of the extensions with their hair. In that way, these boxes prove a perfect fit for the brands.

3. Hair Extension Boxes with Window

When it comes to window boxes, it is necessary to understand the facts behind them. According to the research, most manufacturers make packaging boxes with windows on the demand of their clients. Such packaging boxes are a way to success because when people can see through the box, they can make decisions easily.

Also, they give an alluring and appealing appearance to the boxes to attract the retailers. These boxes are available in all shapes and sizes with no restriction on customization. Keep in mind, that not all hair extension boxes are the same size, so choose the wholesale option which will help to save money and provide a better product.

4. Reusable Hair Extension Boxes

As per the name, these boxes have a specialty of being reused because it’s a good thing to use the packaging again and again once their major purpose has been fulfilled. As a user, we want to reuse every packaging box, and they can be utilized for several purposes. There is always a difference in every type of packaging box.

Some hair extensions are for single-usee and these boxes are mostly made for such extensions so that the packaging will be reused and remind the person of them. Furthermore, these boxes keep the dirt, pollution, and harmful chemicals away from the hair extension and can lessen their shine and freshness.

5. Lid Hair Extension Box

If you have a bit of knowledge about hair extensions, you may have heard of professional hair extension boxes to pack professional hair extensions. These are such bug boxes and get sold in complete sets for several hair specialties. When we talk about packaging boxes, custom boxes come first to our thoughts and these boxes don’t require further printings, etc.

That’s how they appear professional because fancy printings can make the boxes look unprofessional. Avoid this thing when doing packaging boxes because it can harm the finances of the brand. In that sense, lid boxes are simple and amazingly designed.

Material Used for Hair Extension Boxes And Their Advantages

Material is the major thing to consider while planning the packaging boxes. The material plays an important role in the manufacturing of packaging boxes. To achieve all the above-mentioned features, it is essential to find high-quality material.

Cardboard and kraft have been the most useful material for packaging boxes. They provide a number of benefits. Handful advantages of such materials are as follow:

  • Luxury hair extension boxes made of cardboard material make the printing process easy.
  • They provide safety from the environment and also protect the environment.
  • With such material, it’s so easy to customize such boxes in assorted shapes and sizes. A major advantage of these materials is that they are affordable which makes them customized at less prices.
  • Hair extension boxes can be recycled and can be easily disposed of when needed without harming the environment.

Hopefully, this blog will be beneficial for you, right?