In Spain there are 53.4 million mobile lines, this represents eight million more lines than inhabitants. The figures show that we like mobile phones a lot, but do we like them enough to protect them against unforeseen events? Are we willing to bear the costs of theft, broken screens, accidental falls into the water …?

So it all comes down to your perception of the risk that something might happen to your mobile ; to your economic ability to plug the hole if it occurs; and, above all, to the importance you give to having a mobile phone in good condition at all times. Because we must not forget that, without insurance, you are the one who runs the risk of having to buy another mobile phone or have it repaired.

With an ojimeter it can be calculated that in Spain there may be some 15,000 million euros in the pockets, handbags and hands of mobile personnel. Of course, a mobile can contain things that are actually worth much more: passwords, photos, references from friends, chats. The smartphone has become, today, our true personal data center, and that means that losing it or having it damaged can be a problem.

Currently in Spain there are mobiles for an approximate value of 15,000 million euros

Faced with this reality, mobile insurance, which could initially be basically theft products, have evolved towards service offers that also deal with repair.

Common coverage in mobile insurance

In the matter of mobile insurance, as in everything or almost everything, the key is the level of protection you are looking for. Mobile insurance is not all the same, the coverage can vary, and the level of coverage (for example, the percentage of the value of the mobile phone that will be reimbursed if it is lost or stolen), too. That is why it is important to be well informed about the protections in each contract, in order to look for the one that makes us an offer closer to what we are looking for in exchange for an amount of money close to what we want to pay.

Among the most common coverages are:


  • Stole
  • Screen damage
  • Mechanical and electronic failures
  • Liquid damage


  • Theft
  • Fraudulent calls (up to a limit)
  • Phone serial warranty extension
  • Replacement mobile

Of course, the coverage and costs may vary depending on the type of terminal you have . There is some brand of mobile that is very specific and that requires special repairs and such things, and that, normally, will affect the protection contract.

In addition to a theft coverage, a phone lock can be included to prevent third parties from using it.

It is also important to see what causes of terminal damage are covered; the most common thing is to find the shock, the fall, the wetting, the overvoltage or the exposure to high temperatures, but it is important to check it. The breakage of the screen is another of the classic coverage in this type of insurance. It is also advisable to find out if the contract provides for the reimbursement of calls that may have been made with the device.

It is also important to be well informed of what type of refund we will receive in the event that our mobile has disappeared , for example due to theft. If the insurance agrees to provide us with a mobile phone of the same or similar characteristics.

Mobile insurance, in any case, has evolved a lot in recent years, as is logical being a product that acts on one of the most common and necessary devices in people’s daily lives. This evolution basically guarantees that if you are going to want to protect that device that cost you months of savings, you are going to be able to do so.

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