Which Artificial Intelligence Chatbot is easiest to train?

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Conversational AI stands for Artificial Intelligence Chatbot. We also refer to it as chatbot, virtual assistant, to whom the users and the people can talk to. This platform of artificial intelligence, use large volumes of data from machine learning and NLP (natural language processing). This also helps chatbots to imitate humans and speech recognizing, while translating its meaning across all the languages available.  

Which Artificial Intelligence Chatbot is easiest to train? 

The answer to this question will vary based on your experience with ML, programming, and conversational AI (Artificial Intelligence). This article will very much be based on the view of a fresher who just have basic knowledge of programming. We will be comparing four most used Artificial Intelligence Chatbot building platforms namely IBM Watson, Google Dialog flow, Amazon Lex, and Rasa. There can be three aspects based on which you could compare the platforms, these three aspects are: 

  • User testing and interface 
  • Configuration experience 
  • Documentation provided 

All of the above three aspects are discussed in-depth below-

Documentation provided 

When it comes to documentation reading and understanding was easy as each one of them was written in easy language. Also, most of them provided tutorials. Among all the platforms Rasa had most easy documentation out of the entire group. Whereas IBM Watson and Google had more thorough and in-depth explanation, and all of them were easy to understand. Documentation of Amazon Lex was difficult to understand, and anyone would need previous experience with chatbots and machine learning to understand back and forth. For someone who has just started learning about chatbots, Google Dialog Flow documentation should be the first got place. 


Comparing configurations was even more difficult as each platform had their own advantages. The rasa chatbot was much difficult to configure compared to dialog flow, lex or Watson. But somehow, it is great to see how they have managed to allow configuring with python seem so fun. Comparing the remaining competitors Amazon and IBM did an excellent job of providing examples that we could consider and modify according to our needs. For Configuration stage IBM Watson will take the first position while Amazon lex and Google dialog flow will take up second and third position, respectively. 


To be honest testing with Rasa chatbot was not as easy as others. The other three platforms seemed to be more intuitive and provided real time conversation box to show our training progress. However, Amazon Lex did a somewhat better job of labelling all variables in responses. All this seems to be good but what if you want to share your testing bot with someone to acquire feedback, this is very much possible with Google Dialog flow. There is an option through which you can share the chatbot and/or also embed it so that others can test it immediately. It is difficult to provide rankings in this phase as each platforms had their pros serving their clients’ interests.  

Overall Conclusion

 In overall conclusion it looks like google dialog flow is the easiest platform to integrate with messaging platforms because of number of of click integrations available. If we will have to consider to a platform that would work for as much as use cases, then it would be Amazon Lex. 

 Streebo is a leading Chatbot builder and has more than decade worth of experience in this field. We are an IBM Gold Partner and have extensively worked in this technology. Streebo has also built a technology called Bot-Builder, using which Chatbots could be developed rapidly using the NLP (Natural Language Processing) of client’s choice. This could be achieved as the technology is built on plug and play architecture. Streebo can work on Dialog flow WhatsApp Integration, IBM Watson WhatsApp Integration or Amazon lex WhatsApp Integration, depending upon the client’s choice. 

Chatbots could be developed in such a way that they can be completely responsive. That means they will have perfect UI/UX on mobile, tablets (ipads) and desktop devices. Chatbots are going to be the next important thing in retails industry. Especially omni-channel chatbots which can work on messaging platforms, social media platforms, web and mobile apps in the same manner are going to face a huge demand. Also, this technology is capable of building omni-channel solutions. So single chatbot can be deployed on various platforms. 



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