Why Choose Performance Tyres For Your Vehicle?

Performance Tyres

You can’t expect your automobile to give all of the efficiency it’s capable of unless you have tyres that are capable of doing the job. Performance tyres are specially made of high-quality polymeric material that is designed for high-end automobiles and high-performance sports cars. Even at incredible velocities, these Tyres London provide unrivalled grip and handling ability. They are essential to providing the thrilling experience of driving that competitive racers want. To improve accuracy, agility, and grip, performance tyres use specialised tread designs, manufacturing characteristics, and rubber compositions. We here at London’s Mobile Tyre Fitting are all for providing you with an improved smooth ride with distinct tread designs that collectively increase your vehicle’s accuracy, agility, and grip. 

Benefits of Performance Tyres


Although you may not think of yourself as a high-performance driver, current road surfaces and automobile designs necessitate a certain standard of performance from all car drivers. High-performance tyres enable your vehicle to respond fast to inputs, making them compatible with ABS systems and today’s extremely sensitive steering and suspension devices.

Strong  Grip

These tyres are optimized for maximum performance. And can accomplish difficult moves that most other tyres cannot. High-performance tyres are built of softer rubber. These Tyres have much more stiff sidewalls, allowing for improved grip at faster speeds. This indicates your car will be able to effectively deliver a better overall experience of driving. The broad edges and stick rubber also assist you to halt your car fast, which means you will not have to stop as hard, which improves road safety and reduces wear and tear.


The unique rubber compound improves both the driving dynamics and the driving abilities. This results in a comfortable ride altogether and also makes turning and highway driving considerably safer. For all those worried about fuel efficiency, it has the bonus of making aggressive driving simpler, with far less harsh brake and gentler shifts between gears. Driving in this way may greatly increase fuel efficiency, as well as minimise motor damage, resulting in lower running costs in the coming years, which could also assist to cover the initial investment costs of performance tyres.

Heat Dispersal

The deep cut grooves provide excellent heat distribution, allowing the tyre to operate ideally even in summertime temperatures. The superior rubber compound is adept at diffusing heating over the tyre’s surface, considerably reducing tearing.

Why choose Performance Tyres?

  • These tyres’ reduced side profile enhances grip, steering accuracy, and agility.
  • Because the rim flange guards, lateral rigidity prevents the tyre rims from unintentional abrasion.
  • These tyres’ deeper edges provide increased grip and durability in the most difficult conditions.

Are Performance Tyres the Right Choice For You?

If you’re not certain if performance tyres are ideal for you, evaluate your driving goals. Different drivers have different expectations of their vehicles, and the tyres you pick may make or break the experience. Performance tyres may be appropriate for:

  • Drivers seeking accurate driving with good traction and agility as a top priority.
  • The Drivers who are willing to make minor concessions in terms of gas efficiency, ride quality, and tyre longevity in favour to get improved road control.
  • Drivers who want to get from point A to point B but also want to have a more enjoyable ride quality.

Things to keep in mind before Speeding On Performance Tyre:

Tire speed ratings, like the highest speed on your speedometer, are usually always beyond permitted speed restrictions. Because they’re not a green signal to break the speed limit. We do not encourage driving dangerously or exceeding the speed limit, regardless of the vehicle.

H, V, W, and Y letter characters are common speed classifications seen on varying aspects of performance tyre. Although there is no industry norm, tyre purchasers should expect to discover the following:

  • Performance tyres with a speed rating of H, up to 130 mph may be available. This category may also include winter tyres for high-performance automobiles.
  • High-performance all-season tyres are available with H, 130 mph and V speed categories, up to 149 mph.
  • V (up to 149 mph), Z (greater than 149 mph), W (up to 168 mph), and Y are the speed classifications for super performance tyres (summer and all-season variants) (up 186 mph).
  • Check the owner’s handbook for the appropriate tyre speed rating for your vehicle. Tire companies include the alphanumeric speed symbol in the service specification code on the sidewall. We can assist you in locating the tyre speed rating information you want.

Tips For Selecting Performance Tyres

  •  Check if they adhere to the guidelines of the vehicle’s supplier.
  •  Keep in mind that speed ratings are based on lab testing performed under tightly regulated settings. The circumstances you’ll experience on the roads will virtually always be different from those found in a lab.

In conclusion, the effectiveness of performance tyre is heavily dependent on the driver’s ability to consider responsibility for the car’s performance and care, as well as adjust to altering roadway and climate circumstances. High-performance tyre provide substantial benefits in even the finest all-season regular tyres for drivers prepared to spend time and money on their Performance Tyres London and driving style.

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