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Why Creating an Ecommerce Website Is the Need of the Hour?

 E-Commerce is one of the fastest growing trends of the 21st century. It provides a medium through which new businesses with creative and innovative ideas. Can directly enter the main online marketing stream with minimum capital investment.

Most importantly, E-commerce is basically a transaction of products and services .Offered by a particular company. Among millions of people around the world over the internet. The market cap of e-commerce in India is a staggering $22 billion which clearly depicts its growing popularity.

There are various e-commerce platforms which are loaded with all the necessary built-in tools. That will allow you to create your very own e-commerce website. To get started With your dream business online. Matebiz is one of them. Here is the list of the most notable e-commerce platforms which are highly popular among businessmen and entrepreneurs around the world.


Firstly, it is perhaps the most popular e-commerce platform which has set up more than 2.5 million successful online stores in its 16 years of existence. Secondly Shopify provides a very user friendly interface which helps in the quick set up of your ecommerce website. 

Therefore shopify comes with all the necessary and self explanatory tools which will easily allow you to build the online store of your imagination even if you didn’t have much knowledge regarding web development. It also provides you with tons of beautiful themes and web page templates that allow you to make beautiful and attractive e-commerce websites. Moreover, due to its flexible pricing range, Shopify is recommend for freshly establish businesses since it provides all of the features of a sophisticated e-commerce website for less than ten thousand rupees per month.


It has the reputation of being one of the best E-commerce development company in India due to the plethora of features it provides to its users to build the perfect e-commerce website.

The main reason for the popularity of Wix is its ‘drag and drop’ feature .where a user literally just drag and drop components to the screen to build their beautiful e-commerce website.

With a small investment of $27 to $50 dollars per month, a user can unlock the modern features of wix to make the most efficient e-commerce website and to keep track of all the progress and statuses quite easily. Moreover, wix is the go to framework for the companies which provide the static web design services and landing page design services.


It is considered as one of the best e-commerce platforms for newly formed businesses with budget restrictions. Its interface is similar to Shopify where you can make your online store. Very easily using various tools.That are available for the users. Moreover, it also has a feature you can integrate the data of your existing website with your online store. which is create using Ecwid.

It is a very pocket friendly e-commerce platform which provides a load of modern features at a very affordable price. 

Big Cartel

Another reputed E-commerce development company in India which is loaded with all the necessary marketing tools, web hosting features and beautiful customizable design templates to build the online store of your imagination.

The most attractive feature of this platform is its pricing range which depends on the number of products. This feature makes it a very scalable e-commerce platform which makes it very popular among new businesses and startups.


It is the most preferred e-commerce platform for enterprise-level companies or an already developed business. Load With all the modern features. Like international selling, optimization tools, social media marketing and many more features to build up a perfect e-commerce website.

In Summary creating a website through this platform is very easy. And, it makes it the fiercest rival of shopify and wix. 


While another pocket friendly e-commerce website creating platform which is suitable for new businesses and startups with budget restrictions. Above all, follows the same ‘drag and drop’ feature like wix to create websites. Along with plethora of design options to give it an elegant look. The pricing of squarespace services is very affordable which is close to $16 per month.

In conclusion the only drawback of this platform is, it is primarily design for creating e-commerce websites. Only and a user have to manually add the e-commerce function components which may requires a bit of technical expertise.