Why is NAS storage better suited to small businesses?

NAS storage is cheaper, more straightforward, and more flexible than traditional storage solutions. It also works inside most existing networks. So it suits small businesses.  NAS storage can be customized as per your needs as it is highly scalable. In this post, we will see why NAS storage is a better choice for small businesses.

Balancing investment and cost

You don’t have to spend a fortune to find the perfect storage.

How do you know how much disk space your business will need? It’s common for small businesses to spend a big pile of money on hardware, then spend even more on people to manage the hardware. This means you end up with lots of money but not much work done. Given a choice between spending $500 on hardware or $1,000 on people, most people will choose hardware.

Storage is no different and NAS storage is just that kind of investment. It is compact, simple to operate, and requires no technical expertise to deploy and manage. It is almost plug and play and requires minimal setup, eliminating the need to hire extra staff.

Offer easier management and administration.

NAS storage is easy to manage, and if ever you need to increase your capacity, all you need to do is swap or add drives. In addition, modern enterprise Network Attached Storage systems like StoneFly’s super scale-out appliances also offer features like Automatic storage tiering, deduplication, replication, and cloud connect to make data management more effortless.

It also offers a Single management system for users and administrators as it is accessible as a single network drive on the network, ensuring uniformity in operations and maintenance.

NAS storage is more reliable

NAS storage is cheaper, more flexible, and reliable than traditional SAN or Storage Area Network solutions. Unlike Direct attached storage, enterprise NAS is known to be highly redundant. The best NAS systems support multiple points of failure. In case if any of the drives fail. It work on remaining on other drives till new drives are added.

NAS storage supports easy file sharing

NAS storage is a powerful tool for businesses that need to share data across a network. It enables all your staff to access data through a global namespace seamlessly. By doing so, it provides a consistent way for users to access data regardless of geographical location. NAS also supports file-sharing capabilities, so your team can collaborate on projects without having to transfer files back and forth. With NAS, you can be confident that your data is always available and reliably backed up. Thanks to its design, NAS systems are highly unlikely to experience extended downtime. With so many benefits, it’s no wonder that NAS is becoming the go-to storage solution for businesses of all sizes.

NAS storage does not have a limit of being based on a single server

SAN and NAS are two different storage area network technologies. That are used to save, manage, and back up data. SANs use different servers to connect to other storage devices.  NAS devices are independent appliances that are connected in clusters. This difference is what gives NAS storage its high availability. With redundant storage, if one appliance stops working or needs maintenance, your data is still secure. This is why NAS storage is a great option for businesses that need to ensure their data is always available.

Your Data security comes first.

The price of NAS storage has come down significantly in recent years, making it a more attractive option for small businesses and home users. Modern NAS systems offer a variety of features that can help to keep your data safe and secure. End-to-end encryption ensures that your data is protected from unauthorized access, even if your NAS is stolen or hacked. Anti-ransomware protection can prevent your data from being encrypted or delete by malicious software, and snapshot replication provides a backup in case of system failure. Coupled with cloud backup, NAS storage can provide a comprehensive solution for protecting your valuable data.

Bottom Line

Organizations with a distributed workforce, remote offices, and branch offices tend to benefit from a scalable, centralized data storage solution—and that’s NAS. If you have a small business, it pays to invest in good storage to keep your data safe and easily accessible.