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Why Laravel is Perfect PHP Framework For Startups in 2022

The year 2022 has arrived, and we can clearly see advancements in various technologies compared to the previous years. The software and web development industries have to also upgrade themselves by adopting in-demand technologies. It’s easy for corporates to meet the market requirements by adopting the latest technologies, but challenging for startups! That’s why startups should adopt such technology that lets them stay ahead of their competitors last long. If you are a startup and want to grow your website or web application in the PHP programming language, Laravel should be your ultimate choice! Laravel has been one of the most popular and successful PHP-based frameworks since 2011, i.e., its launch year. The growing number of Laravel development company is the ultimate proof to see its vogue.

Now it’s time to take a deep dive into why startups embrace Laravel technology more than other PHP frameworks.

So, without any delay, let’s get started…

Why Laravel is Perfect Pick For Startups in 2022?

#1 Fast Development

Fast web development is the key aspect that every startup considers. However, there are various PHP frameworks available in the market; Laravel always stands first when it comes to speedy web application development.

Features like easy learning curve, powerful community of supporters, built-in template engine, easy authentication process, etc., have made the Laravel application development process quick and easy like no other technology in the market.

Thus, the speedy web development process has made Laravel technology the top pick for a startup.

#2 High-end Security

Whether a startup or the largest corporate entity, security always comes first while developing websites or web applications. When we talk about security, Laravel has proved a 100% secured PHP framework.

Laravel doesn’t entertain a single malware activity and prevents security threats from entering your web application. It offers various security features such as encrypted passwords, authentication and authorization mechanism, safeguard against cross-site scripting and SQL injections, security packages, and a lot more.

#3 Highest Adopted Technology

Laravel has been one of the most adopted technologies since its launch, i.e. 2011. Laravel has won the most PHP developers’ hearts owing to its easy learning curve, fast performance, and next-level of security.

Laravel keeps itself updated along with the latest requirements in the market. Its latest update always brings new features and benefits, which is the primary requisites of every business in this competitive world.

Thus, if you are a startup and are in ambiguity regarding which technology will be best suitable for your web app, then Laravel is the best pick for you!

#4 Cost-effective Solution

Laravel is a free and open-source web app technology that saves your money on licensing and maintenance. Moreover, beginners can learn advanced and practical concepts of Laravel from its huge active community consisting of dedicated Laravel developers and companies without spending a single buck.

Moreover, Laravel also offers a built-in blade template engine that lets you easily design and develop a highly responsive web application in no time. Apart from that, it also offers plenty of packages out of which you can select perfect packages to save the cost of developing web apps.

#5 Maximum Audience Rich

As a startup, you always want to reach the maximum number of audiences in a very short period. Especially if you want to rich international audience, you must select the web development platform that provides multi-lingual support.

This is where Laravel can be a boon for a startup. Laravel offers multi-lingual support and allows you to integrate with various other platforms through API that makes your web app potential as vast as possible.


However, Laravel has been widely known since its launch; the number of Laravel developers and companies has accelerated like never before in the last some years. Especially, it has become more popular among startups because of its fast performance, watertight security, and ease of use features.

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