why your car stopped working and here is what you can do?

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Why Did My Car Stop Working? – Few Reasons And Precautions You Need To Know 


We all want to stay safe and sound on the road, which keeps us going. What if you face a sudden problem in the middle of the road and your car stops working and dies? 

It is the situation that we all need to prepare ourselves to cope with. It is not that difficult. Acquiring a driving license in Punjab is convenient, you can drive anywhere without any problem. With the help of DLIMS, you can even have the status of your newly applied driving license from the DLIMS tracking service. We want you to know about some reasons and precautions of why the cars shut down.



You have run out of fuel.

The first thing we all do is to check our fuel level, we all know about it. It is a very common and first thought of all of us. Check your fuel level if the car has taken some hiccups before shutting down. That is the primary thing you do. (This one is just for the beginners).


The engine has overheated.

Make sure you are not driving too long without any interval. Your car’s engine needs some rest after a long drive as our body does. If your engine is overheated, simply park the car at the side of the road, do not rush to open the bonnet. It might blow up your face with the powerful heat of the engine. Let it settle down. After around 10 minutes, you may check your radiator carefully by covering it with a piece of cloth. Add some water in it needs.


Your engine oil level is low.

Always keep a spare bottle of engine oil and transmission oil. Both are different and are used for separate usage. If there is a low level, add some oil to it. It is one of the core reasons for engine stoppage. Make sure your oil level is not above the limit as it also causes an issue as much as a low level.


Wiring or spark plug issues.

There are chances that your spark plug has clogged because of carbon. There are four wires connected in the engine, you can check them one by one, 4 spark plugs are in them. Clean those spark plugs with sandpaper or any rough piece of clothing.

Another reason can be a faulty engine switch or a fuse box. Check all the fuses one by one. (Do it only if you have enough technical knowledge about it or you can leave it, call for help otherwise).


There could be a poor filter or a fuel pump.

There are slight chances that your fuel tank is not having enough fuel because of a clogged fuel filter. It is located near the engine with a cylindrical shape, connected with rubber pipes from top and bottom. You can’t do much, but at least you can ask a mechanic to check it if he misses out. It takes an expert and all necessary tools to change/clean the fuel filter. 


The car battery is old/low.

Check the indicating colour on the instructions of your battery. Usually, it is supported by the alternator, which keeps it charged. A low and dragging ignition sound can indicate a low battery level.



If we do these things, we can Avoid these mechanical and technical issues. Your car’s life depends upon your maintenance routine. The more you keep your vehicle maintained, the fewer problems it will face. It is not rocket science. 


Maintain Engine oil

As we have mentioned earlier, always keep a bottle of engine and transmission oil in your spare. Even keep a toolkit in your trunk.

Your engine oil level must be adequate to avoid any problem. Neither higher level, nor lower level is suitable for your engine. 


Brake fluid

It is the most important one, the majority of brake fails because of the low level of brake fluid. People put a blind eye to it that costs them later. Check your brake fluid at least once a month.


Air filter

Your air filter matters a lot. If your air filter is not changed when required, your car will not breathe properly. Yes, it is a face mask of your vehicle. If it is not changed on time, your vehicle will get throttles. 


These were some mandatory precautions that you may take for your and your vehicle’s safety. Vehicle safety and security are necessary. Besides, the authorities of DLIMS verify your license online that is also convenient for everyone. You own a driving licence in Punjab, You must be prepared for all the things on the road. If you have a further query or need similar useful blogs like this article, please feel free to visit JagahOnline blogs.

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